Choosing between aluminum or PVC carpentry in Albacete is a very frequent question for those who have made the decision to place new windows in their home. The results after the installation of both materials are good. That is why at Top of the Trades ( we work with both materials. However, PVC offers excellent conditions without neglecting the quality-price ratio, which is why it is one of the most demanded insulators by customers.

Aluminum or PVC carpentry?

Window Installers Los Angeles professionals who work with aluminum carpentry or in locksmithing and enclosures are well aware of the characteristics and advantages of PVC windows and doors, which can be installed in all rooms of the home. The first advantage of all, the most notable, is that they help to insulate the house. This improves climate comfort and energy savings. But this is only one of the most prominent benefits.

PVC windows must fulfill an insulating function in the winter months. Although they also give heat depending on the time of year. But they must also isolate noise from the street. All this without blocking the entrance of light to the house, since a home that is well-lit wins when it comes to decoration. Its easy maintenance and durability are other benefits.

Environmentally friendly windows:

Society is increasingly concerned about the environment, choosing materials that respect it. It's essential. This is where this type of window appears, since being completely recyclable and, in addition to the advantages to insulate, they allow a drop in energy dependence in homes.

On the other hand, the production of this material has low polluting levels, using less energy in manufacturing, contrary to what happens with windows made of other materials.

They have a long life and low costs:

The costs with these windows not only come thanks to energy savings, isolating the home from outside temperatures. Also, aluminum or wood frames, the other window solutions for the home, are up to 30-40% more expensive than PVC.

As they are long-lasting and do not require repainting, windows of this type represent a great alternative. In the long term, cheaper. Another of the great benefits of having these windows is maintenance: cleaning is easy.

At Top of the Trades (, we manufacture and carry out installation and/or replacement work for old windows and/or doors with PVC carpentry in Los Angeles.

Our philosophy is to bet on high-quality materials.

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