It's been downhill because the neighborhood's invention. MyTeam needs game modes, and MyCareer has been because the MT 2K21 invention of the area. I never really played draft champs because it has ever been simple to put together a nice team. Even though 2K has dribble glitching and AI abuse, it is nothing like playing Near Close Flex and Gun Bunch and I Form stretch runs every match. I am able to deal with CPU defenseI needed to conquer the Bird and Curry challenges. I guess it's all taste on what you deal with in the end of the afternoon lol.

In Mut I thought,"I'm going to understand how to use all of the right plays based on the opponent's line up and patterns and strengths and flaws." It was, essentially 3 plays - elongate runs, corner routes, or FB dive. On defense it was a combination but mostly ended up being setting up gentle squats and choosing the corner routes and usering to stuff the run or bump the recipients. In 2K it's basically mitigating the CPU's idiocy with a mixture of off-ball and on-ball so you are able to intercept passes, block a lane to the basket, or only keep your guy from idiotically double-teaming somebody (at least TTO). Someone begins to post-cheese or something and you're in a catch 22.

If you off-ball they will stand there to depart a open, if you on-ball then a team-mate WILL help you. I prefer 2K though as there's more action on the sticks whereas madden is about pre-play. Why do they do this if they can squeeze more dollars out of every child that got hooked on launching packs watching twitch? Well Im not saying give us LESS packs. They could still drop the amount of cards / packs to create exactly the same quantity of money.

Drop them frequently earlier in the year. That way end game titles may be used for over a month. I believe that they can earn money like that. Later in the Buy NBA 2K21 MT year packs that are superb can just shed / evo packs / and lively duo packs to improve earnings on published cards. As I said, I'm not buying VC this late at NBA 2K21, but had some of these cards dropped I would have.