For last 5 years of assisting people to simply navigate and understand about the plans of NDIS, the most common kind of thing that comes up is difficulties as well as misinformation that is surrounding the service agreements.

There are several participants that experience difficulties in understanding agreements about Midland Coordination of Supports, to have no idea about their entitlements that are surrounding such agreements and also are under misconception that they might have no option but to agree with almost everything and sign when they wish to get service of providers.

It is quite frustrating and even incorrect. It will simply help you to understand the show and rights that you may look for the agreements. In case the service provider refuses for making negotiation and make any such noises about signing of agreement or does not receive the service, you might need to report it to NDIS commission of Safeguards and Quality.



All you need to remember that NDIS is mainly about control and Choice, so you need to take proper control and ensure that you are quite comfortable with service agreements of Child Support Connection prior that you sign on dotted line.

The service providers must support every such participant to simply understand any kind of the service agreement with the help of language, communication mode and terms that is easy for the participant to understand.

It is recommended by the NDIA to get the written service agreement and hence the participants’ service providers are quite clear about every such party has agreed for. The Service agreements assist to ensure that the provider and participant have the same set of the expectations about what supports will get delivered and also how they will get delivered.

On the other hand, making a service agreement mainly is the negotiation that is done between provider and participant. Moreover, the participants may also involve the nominated person. The written agreement of service is required for the Specialist Disability Accommodation that helps to support under rules of NDI.

For different NDIS services, NDIA never requires the written service agreements, which is between the participants and service provider and is like any kind of the other agreement.

–        It is important to note that the service agreement is not any kind of the NDIS requirement, rather it is only the recommendation

–        Moreover, the Providers are also supposed to make sure that the service agreements are understood easily by participant and the nominees.

–        The service agreement is mainly mean to be the negotiation which is between participant and provider- it is not the demand.


–        The service agreement is not always about what gets expected by participant, but it even gets expected by provider.

–        You should not sign the service agreement without understanding and reading it properly.

You should never allow the provider to rush you to sign the agreement. They will provide you with the service and get instantly paid by NDIS devoid of an agreement getting signed.