A stock clearance occurs when goods are sold with the intention of “clearing” or getting rid of them rather than making a profit. The items could be overstock, end-of-line leftovers, surplus inventory, obsolete items, overproduction, canceled orders, stock abandoned with the shipping company, bankruptcy liquidation, or returned merchandise. Companies use stock clearance to reclaim space in their warehouses or retail outlets while attempting to recover some of the intrinsic value of the goods. You as an individual can buy this stock from a stock clearance company such as Lower Clearance Warehouse or give them your stock to clear for you. If you are looking to buy, Lower Clearance Warehouse stocks a variety of stock clearance products.


Customer Returns

Retailers often receive customer returns – items that have been brought back to the store after being bought. These can be anything from clothes and accessories, to home appliances and electronics.

Discontinued Inventory

Discontinued inventory presents the perfect opportunity for bargain hunters. These items were once popular, but have since been discontinued by the retailer.

Insurance Salvage Goods

All of their salvage goods are graded and inspected before they’re put up for sale, so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality possible.

Excess Stock

Excess stock is the perfect way to stock up on your favourite items from last season. With discounts of up to 50%, this is the perfect time to shop for those pieces you missed out on.

Homeware and Accessories

Looking for a way to save on your home decor? Look no further than their amazing selection of homeware products.

School Supplies

With the perfect school supplies, students can take their education to new heights. Lower Clearance Warehouse carries all of the essentials for the back-to-school season as well as all year round.

Baby Goods

Their line of baby goods is designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience for your little one.


Toys are a necessary part of any child’s development. Playing with toys helps children learn about the world around them, and encourages their creativity and imagination.

Is stagnant and obsolete inventory affecting your cash flow?


Do you have dated and passed-season inventory tying up valuable warehouse space? We have some good news for you… If you are an importer, retailer, or manufacturer, Lower Clearance Warehouse will take your stock and clear it for you freeing that much-needed cash. ​

Lower House Clearance takes excess stock, insurance salvage, liquidation stock, over-stock, surplus stock, auctioned stock, discontinued inventory, customer return, toys, tools, clothing, fabric, shoes, housewares, gifts, home décor, school supplies, baby goods, party goods, pet supplies, as well food products and so much more.


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