Are you becoming irritated by the screen notice that reads "Canon printer offline"? You are already in problems, so this will surely happen. This further suggests that you cannot resume printing until you have discovered a solution to the Canon printer is offline problem message. Given how terrible this situation is, let's investigate the mystery of why you keep encountering it and consider some viable solutions.

Reasons for a Canon printer is offline

Find the cause first, then go on to How To Get My Canon Printer Back Online. One of the most uncomfortable and aggravating issues you might come upon is this one. However, there is no need to worry because the issue may be easily fixed by following a few straightforward steps. As a result, your printer may appear to be offline for the following reasons:

  • Your Windows computer's printer may be having communication issues.
  • Your printer's option is "use printer offline."
  • Your printer's firmware is outdated.
  • The driver for your printer is outdated.
  • Unimportant information was withheld from you.

How to switch a Canon printer from offline to online

Here, we'll walk you through a detailed troubleshooting process to help you resolve the Mac Canon printer is offline issue.

Make sure the computer and printer are properly connected.

As you move down the list, your first concern should be making sure your printer is connected to the PC. This might be the root of the issue you're experiencing. People frequently ignore this stage since it could seem evident to them. Check your PC carefully to see whether it indicates whether or not a printer is connected to your Mac.

When connected through USB, your printer

Have you connected your printer through USB? Therefore, you must verify that the connection was established correctly. The first thing you need to do is hit the power button to switch off the printer. After then, hold still for at least 10 seconds.

You should now unplug the USB cord that was connected to the device's back. When you switch on the printer, the documents that had to be previously queued will now start printing. Before shutting off your printer, wait until all of the papers have been printed. If you see that printing has started, don't go on to the next step until the entire process is complete. If you don't see any printing, make sure the printer has been turned on and connected to the wireless network.

Is your printer connected via a wireless network?

If your printer is wirelessly connected, make sure it is off and wait until it is completely silent before turning it on. If you observe that the connection is not reestablishing even after restarting the printer, you should try the same thing with the router. Make sure that all network activity has been stopped.

Before you may restart the router, you must first disconnect it from the power source. Be sure to give yourself at least 30 seconds before starting the router.

After attaching the router into the power supply, you must wait for it to create an internet connection. The LED lights on the router will indicate connectivity. You need to be sure of that before the procedure.

Before restarting the computer, be sure it has shut down. You must click on the apple symbol to view the system settings when you detect that it has resumed. When you click on the list of printers and scanners, the list of installed printers for Mac will then be shown.

These are the steps you must follow to resolve the offline Mac issue. Consult with specialists who can explain the issue to you and resolve it if you're still unaware of what's to blame.


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