Let us take a look at some of the bedding products you might find from wholesale bedding suppliers in South Africa.


A bed wrap is a protective layer that’s used to protect your mattress and pillows. They’re available in a range of materials, including cotton, suede, and nylon. Bed wraps are made to fit the dimensions of your mattress or pillow, so you can choose one that matches your size. The loveliest part about them is that they add some color and style to your bedroom!


A mattress protector is a water-resistant barrier that helps to protect your mattress from spills, stains, and other accidents. A pillow protector is the same concept but for pillows. They’re an essential part of any bedding set, especially if you have kids or pets who might be sleeping in your bed – they will help keep their messes contained where they belong!

The main difference between a mattress protector and a duvet cover is that the former goes over your entire mattress, whereas the latter only covers up one side of it (the top).


Sheets are a staple of any bedroom. They’re available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials—from Egyptian cotton to linen. Sheets can be made with different thread counts and even have unique patterns or designs imprinted on them. If you’re looking to buy wholesale bedding supplies in South Africa, then sheets are an essential part of your business!


Duvet cover sets are a great way to protect your duvet, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors. Duvet covers can be made from cotton, linen and silk. They can also be used for both winter and summer months.


Pillowcases are a simple but important part of your bedding. They are used to protect your pillow, in addition, they help keep your pillows clean and fresh for longer by providing an extra layer of protection from dust mites and allergens that can build up in the covers of the bed. Pillowcases can also be made from a durable fabric such as cotton with a satin finish or soft linen material which is easy to clean and maintain over time.


Blankets and throws are a great way to add comfort to your home. There’s nothing like snuggling up on the sofa or bed with a blanket, especially during those cold winter months. You can use them as throw pillows on your bed, or place them on top of your couch in front of the fireplace. Blankets and throws make great decorating accessories because they can change the mood of a room instantly!


Tablecloths are a great way to add a splash of color to your home. They come in many different styles, sizes, and colors. Tablecloths are available in a variety of fabrics, including linen and cotton, or even plastic for parties where you want something waterproof! You can also choose from bright colors like red or navy blue tablecloths if you like something more formal for special occasions. Tablecloths can be used on their own as decorations or as part of other decorating ideas like centerpieces and table runners.


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