Metrics are essential for the maintenance of the business. They help business owners to make decisions and measurements. The business leader takes the help of metrics to improve business performance and business operations. Click here to learn more about the different types of metrics. However, you only need to know about some of them. Knowing the ones that will have use in your business is enough.

Some common software metrics

There are various software development metrics, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Cycle time: The time from when the development team starts working on the manufacture of a product till it gets delivered is known as cycle time.
  • Lead time: It is the time from when that measure the engineers from the moment they receive the order, till the time the product is delivered to the customers.
  • Active days: It is the time the developers spend on coding. It does not include other parts like planning, discussions, or team meetings. It helps the developers to understand the hidden cost distribution.
  • Velocity: It is the time a developers’ team takes in each stage. For instance: the time taken in planning, time taken in coding, time taken in delivery, etc. It helps the developers to calculate the time they will be spending in the future for improving their sales.
  • Code churn: It measures the code volume after modification, deletion, or addition. The churning cost is higher at the beginning of the project as it includes various kinds of experimenting with various methods to find the right way. It helps the developers to improve the quality of work. The higher the churn, the higher will be the problems of the mistakes.
  • Failure and repair time: As the name indicated, it is the time the developer has failed and then repaired the project.

What is the importance of software management?

It is not only the metrics and KPI but also the efficiency of the developers. Things that the developer’s team should the notice of are:

  • Testing and software QA: By using it at the beginning of the project, the developers can find bugs and fix them at the beginning of the project. It helps in improving the product quality and negative impacts on the product.
  • Coding standards and best practices: The coding standard and if you stick to it will help the developer team to deliver work in the right way. It ensures that the team is consistent and makes it easy to follow.