Belgian band makes catchy music with lyrics from safety guidelines

August 1st, in Brussels - To alert her customers to the critical safety instructions of a trip, Brussels Airlines releases a captivating film. The national airline adopted the renowned Belgian band Hooverphonic, continuing a long tradition of promoting the best of Belgium around the world. And these are the cheap flights brussels airlines ever offered by Brussels airlines. On the basis of the guidelines' exact wording, the group created a catchy song. The end result is an original clip where the song is combined with surrealistic images, including a tribute to Magritte, another Belgian artist of note. The video will be made available on all of the airline's long-haul aircraft starting on August 1.

With a variety of Belgian beers, wines, and chocolates available on board, Brussels Airlines has served as a flying ambassador for Belgium for many years. Belgian music is now included in that collection.

Hooverphonic writes a distinctive song for Brussels Airlines with Belgian pride

Brussels Airlines has long produced inventive videos rather than the standard safety videos in order to continually bringing the attention of its passengers to the important safety recommendations on board. Up until recently, a hilarious animated animation accompanied the safety instructions. The instructions were likewise given earlier by the Red Devils. A brand-new safety video is being introduced by Brussels Airlines today and will start playing on her lengthy flights on August 1.

The national airline adopted the renowned Belgian band Hooverphonic, continuing a long tradition of promoting the best of Belgium around the world.

The end result is a four-minute short with an upbeat music and a stunning visual piece that makes subtle allusions to other Belgian painters like Magritte. Jan Boon was the director of the video, and Merelbeke, Belgium's Studio Regie handled the technical aspects.

"The safety advice we provide on board at departure is crucial. Our top focus is safety, but at Brussels Airlines, it doesn't mean we're boring. We have been attempting to engage our passengers' attention for years by using humour and originality. The end outcome of the original partnership with Hooverphonic is the ideal illustration of this. We are thrilled that our Belgian pride accepted the challenge and used all available resources to produce an unexpected song and video that will be broadcast around the world starting today.

Brussels Airlines' Head of Marketing, Michel Moriaux

At Brussels Airport, Hooverphonic plays the new tune for the travellers.

Hooverphonic startled leaving travellers at Brussels Airport on August 1 with a brief and exclusive performance at one of the gates. Aside from two of their own songs, they performed the song they wrote for the Brussels Airlines safety film during that set.

"I truly believed it would be difficult when Brussels Airlines asked Hooverphonic to make a song with the wording of the safety guidelines. However, I also enjoy that kind of challenge, so we went for it. I'm happy I persisted. We have made a few attempts and are now prepared for takeoff!
Hooverphonic's Alex Callier