Although there’s a noticeable change in the air pertaining to men’s fashion, discussions around men’s jewelry, especially mens wedding bands, are still pretty hard to come by. And this shouldn’t be the case unless of course marriage as a social institution is becoming irrelevant, which it is not. Choice of wedding bands, just like engagement bands, should involve some deliberate decisions because, unlike engagement bands, you will be wearing them regularly. And this cannot be emphasized enough that they embody the essence of your relationship, just as they are an extension of your own personality.

To clear the air then here I will be talking about the many metals that are used in men’s wedding bands. Knowing which metal suits you the best. Common options here include platinum, varieties of gold like white, yellow, rose; palladium, sterling silver, silicon etcetera. Whereas platinum looks and feels the most elegant, it is also the most costly out there. Palladium belongs to the platinum family with a soft feel and white color.

It is cheaper than platinum though it, therefore, makes an easy choice. I am particularly enamored by mens rose gold wedding bands which are a combination of gold and copper. White gold, a mix of pure gold and silver or nickel with rhodium plating, and yellow gold which is pure gold look extremely elegant as well. Sterling silver and silicon reside at the bottom level, price-wise. If you are really looking out-of-the-box or are inclined to invest as little as possible in that wedding band, these can be your potential options.