The second thing is that the court finally issued a decree to let her father Feng Ziying formally inherit the title of Duke of Ningguo, and sent an imperial doctor to treat Feng Ziying. Feng Ziying was poisoned by the younger brother of a mother's compatriot. For many years, Feng's family visited famous doctors all over the world and could not cure him. Investigate its reason, just because this poison is the poison of the big inner secret, clearly and Ruidi is to have an indescribable relationship, so the wind family gradually also died of this heart. After the imperial physician arrived, only a month later, Feng Ziying was able to get up and move around and serve again. Chuchen knew very well that this was a great reward given by Ruidi to the dying Feng family. Looking at the uncontrollable joy of Mrs. Luqi in her letters, as well as the letters full of encouragement and comfort written to her by Feng Ziying after she recovered from her illness, and the greetings from her two younger brothers, Chuchen also felt that his pain was probably worth it. The third thing was about herself. Rui Di really pointed her out to Yan Xin as the imperial concubine, but at the same time pointed to Zuo Qing as the side imperial concubine, who was scheduled to get married on the ninth day of the twelfth lunar month of the following year. Zuo Qing entered the door later. Everyone said that Ruidi had intended to make Chuchen the prince's concubine, but in the battle of Wanchun Lake, Yanxin saved Chuchen and took good care of him. Lonely men and widows lived together for a day and two nights, and could not avoid suspicion. Ruidi had no choice but to ignore the prince's grief and indignation, so he had to answer the request of Yanxin, who had made great contributions, and made Chuchen the princess of Guangling, which made Ye Ning cheap. This matter spread, there are countless people eye red leaf lemon good luck, and there are countless people for the early morning fell into the hands of Yan Xin and secretly gloat, more people for this marriage can not sleep and eat. Shortly before the prince's wedding, the unknown future prince's side concubine, Miss Jin Yulu,interactive whiteboard for schools, came to Fengfu on the grounds of visiting the sick. Early in the morning to see this miss gold, dark sigh the world is impermanent, the opportunity is decided early. After a lapse of more than two years, this Miss Kim is still meticulously dressed, simple and decent, and her back is still straight. Remembering the cherry blossom meeting, the girl who disdained wealth and beauty under the moon and spoke frankly for "wishing to be a man of one heart and a white head" just laughed at the impermanence of the world in the early morning. After Jin Yulu asked her gracefully, she said with a smile, "Have you seen me,smartboards for business, sister?" Early morning also does not conceal, say with smile: "When Cherry Blossom is met, what the younger sister says lets me still remember vividly." Jin Yulu was at a loss. "I have a bosom friend," she said at the beginning of the morning. "I will never leave you." In fact, the original words of Jin Yulu's comment on the early morning of that day were: "Even if she is beautiful, talented, and has a prominent family background, so what if she marries a rich husband?"? You should know that if the moon is full, you will lose. Since ancient times, many beauties are unlucky. Such a husband's family, three wives and six concubines, countless concubines are indispensable. How to compare with me, although ordinary, but can get a bosom friend, white head does not leave. If you are jealous, you can squeeze in and be a concubine, with the same dignity. But because she is now also unfortunate to become a noble status of the prince's concubine, this original words to say is too hurtful, classroom interactive whiteboard ,digital touch screen board, so the early morning only pick up the important to say. Jin Yulu's face was a little gloomy. "So my sister heard all the nonsense that day," she said. The early morning smiled and said nothing. Jin Yulu said, "My sister used to think that her knowledge was superior to that of others, but she didn't know that talent was stronger than fate.". Now I have become a concubine with noble status, but the desire of "getting a bosom friend and not leaving each other" is a flower in the mirror and wishful thinking. I only hate myself for not having broken it earlier. "So what if you break it?" Asked Chuchen? I didn't mean to laugh at my sister, but I just thought that although fate was like this, I couldn't give up completely when I obeyed it. Even if the marriage is not independent, no matter how many wives and concubines the husband has, this idea is not impossible to achieve. Chapter 24 Sunny as Rain (Part Two). Early in the morning, he took a sip of tea slowly and said as if he had no intention: "Feelings can be cultivated, but when you get along with others, as long as you look at each other's strengths, the villain in the eyes of the public also has his good side.". Similarly, you should also show your good side to the other party and let the other party know that you are different. Noble family, appearance is the most unreliable, because you can never compare with one young woman after another, only one person's talent and knowledge are accumulated with age, as long as you become his bosom friend, even if he is surrounded by beautiful flowers, he only has you in his eyes, such love is no less than monogamy. Sister, I wonder if there is some truth in what I said? Ye Ning is the crown princess chosen by Rui Di and Leng Hou. Her father is in charge of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and has students all over the world. He will bring great benefits to the crown prince in the future. Ye Ning is an aloof person, is also an unyielding temperament, want to meet this heart and clever Jin Yulu, two people fight up must be very good-looking. Early morning is not jealous of Ye Ning, nor does she resent the prince, but she just doesn't want to make Ruidi and Leng Hou too satisfied. "Jin Yulu paled for a moment and said with a wry smile," It's easy to say, but it's not so easy. Early morning also no longer say, she wants to do, just bury a seed, as for after, that is her control. Jin Yulu finally caught a chance for only two of them. She dipped her finger in the tea and quickly wrote on the table: "On the fifth day of the ninth month, Youshi, I heard the crane tower." The early morning also did not say to go, also did not say not to go. After chatting for a while, Jin Yulu had achieved the purpose of this trip, so she got up and left, and did not leave her in the early morning. Walking out of the second door, I saw a little girl hurrying up with a brocade box in her hand. "Miss Jin, stay," she said. My girl said that the first time I met the young lady, there was no good gift, only a piece of ancient auspicious phoenix-shaped jade pendant, which was most suitable for the young lady. I think the young lady also recognized this thing, but also asked the young lady not to live up to her good intentions. Without waiting for Jin Yulu to refuse, he ran away. Jin Yulu opened the box, small and delicate ancient jade, with warm and beautiful jade, unique phoenix-shaped patterns, always feel a little familiar. After thinking about it for a long time, he remembered that he had seen Zeng Luo with a piece of similar fish pattern. Remembering the rumor that he was the prince's concubine in the early morning and that Ye and Zeng's daughters were the side concubines, he missed a beat in his heart and hurriedly closed the brocade box and put it away. The girl who accompanied him asked curiously, but Jin Yulu was perfunctory. Today, Chuchen is going to visit Prince Xian,interactive touch screens education, who is said to have saved her at the critical moment. Although men and women are different, she can not go to thank Prince Xian, but she can express her gratitude through the princess. It's good to find out what's going on.