Mylar bags are ideal for preserving foods that are easily ruined by oxygen, moisture, and light. Almost any dry food can be safely stored using Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. Some examples of the best dry foods to store in Mylar bags for emergencies include, black beans, chickpeas, lentils, white rice, pasta, and similar items. However, once you start using food storage techniques, you may have to deal with a variety of issues related to DIY long term food storage. Find resources like this one if you need to remove any lingering worries about trying out a food storage technique using mylar bags. Here, we've tried to clear some doubts regarding the type of mylar bag you should prefer to purchase and the food storage methods:

Recommended thickness of mylar bags

It is advised by professionals that you use a minimum thickness of 5 Mil. Thinner bags may let light through which could degrade the food's nutritional value. Thinner bags may also be more susceptible to rips and tears. Lastly, when utilizing oxygen absorbers, a thicker bag is preferable because it prolongs the life of your food.

Recommended sealing method for mylar bags

Heat sealing is the most effective method for securing the contents of Mylar bags. The exterior of food storage bags made of Mylar has a plastic covering for durability. After you have applied the heat seal, the plastic will begin to melt which will ensure that the package is sealed properly. Moreover, the best Mylar bags will also come with a zip seal that you can use for temporary storage purposes.

Recommended moisture level for food storage

Food with a high moisture level shouldn't be kept in Mylar bags. In general, you can safely preserve food for extended periods if its moisture level is less than 10%. You shouldn't try to preserve food for a long time if it has a moisture level of greater than 10%. High moisture levels can cause food to spoil under any circumstance, and putting a high moisture food in a closed container won’t help.

Recommended method of storage

You should store a mylar bag with oxygen absorbers in a safe and dark space that is away from the external atmosphere. This way you can make sure that no light comes in contact with the bag.

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