Pillows are one of the best investments you can make when it comes to sleep. They provide support and comfort, and they help you get a better night’s rest. But if you don’t have a pillow protector, then all those benefits can be easily lost. Pillow protectors are a great investment, as they extend the life of your pillows. They also provide allergen protection and a barrier against sweat, which will help keep your pillows clean and comfortable. Take a look at the following pillow protectors from Dreyer Linen. For over 60 years Dreyer Linen has supplied these quilted non-waterproof pillow protectors and waterproof pillow protectors to many hotels, lodges, and fine homes throughout SA. You may have slept on one already!


Dreyer Luxury Waterproof Quilted Pillow Protector – Set of 2

This is the pinnacle of Dreyer Linen’s pillow protector range.



– This pillow protector is not only good for your pillow, but it is good for you too.

– The waterproof base protects your pillow and the soft quilted top enhances the comfort of your pillow.

– Protectors close with a zip to facilitate easy opening and closing.

– Standard pillow protector measures 45 x 70cm

– King pillow protector measures 50 x 90cm

Dreyer Quilted Hospitality Pillow Protector – Set of 4

This pillow protector has a Quilted microfibre top, soft hollow fibre middle, and spun-bond reverse.


This pillow protector can be opened and closed with a zip.


Standard pillow Protector – set includes 4 x pillow Protector – s 45x70cm

King pillow Protector – set includes 4 x pillow Protector – s 50x90cm


Dreyer Waterproof Towelling Pillow Protector – Set of 4

It does not make a noise or generate excessive heat when you sleep on it

It opens and closes with a zip

Standard pillow protector set includes 4 x pillow protectors 45x70cm

King pillow protector set includes 4 x pillow protectors 50x90cm


if you're looking for something that will make sure you get a good night’s sleep every night, consider purchasing one of these amazing accessories!


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