You may print, copy, and scan several documents at once using the Ij Start Canon TS3322 multi-functional printer. Using this printer to complete your task will be an enjoyable experience because to its wonderful features. A necessary step for printer operation to ensure continued use is downloading the appropriate printer software and drivers. It only requires a few easy steps and a short amount of time to set up a Canon Ts3322 Scanning printer.

Simple Wireless Connection for Your Printer Device

Before starting the Canon Pixma Ts3322 Manual setup process, you must first launch the Easy Wireless Connect process on your PC.

Step 1: For a few seconds, press and hold the Direct button A on your printer device. Release the button once light B starts to blink.

Step 2: Please make sure the Wi-Fi symbol and horizontal bar are blinking on the screen.

Installing the Canon TS3322 printer after downloading it

If you wish to use your Canon ts3322 printer for wireless scanning and printing on your Windows PC, you must connect it to a wireless network. Then, you must install the PC's drivers and programmes.

  • The installation package may be downloaded from
  • Click the file to start the setup when the download is complete. Just choose "Start" Setup.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to install the printer on your device.
  • A network security alert appears in a new window. Press "Next" after reading the warning.
  • The License Agreement appears in a new window.
  • Read the agreement and click "Yes" to proceed.
  • If you select No, your setup installation will be cancelled.
  • In a new box, select whether to accept or reject the message request.
  • If you select Do not agree, you will receive another notification. Press "OK."
  • Accept the connection method by clicking "Yes".
  • Depending on your connection type, a window will ask you to select a network name. Now, you may select the network name (SSID) from the dropdown menu. Check your router's documentation if you're unclear about the network name. After selecting the SSID on the following page, enter the password.
  • Now that the connection is complete. Next, click "Next."
  • If your printer is not being recognised, you could try momentarily uninstalling any security software. If you don't want to disable the security software, you must open the network connection ports on the printer. Consult your security program's manual for more information on how to open these ports.
  • After you're done, click "Next."

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