Guide to Measuring Your Video Marketing Efforts


Businesses have various marketing channels, one of them being video marketing. Are there any metrics to measure the success of the strategy? Marketing is how companies drive sales, generate leads, and drum up brand awareness. Over 86% of businesses told Wyzowl that they use video marketing as part of their strategy. So how do you measure the success of your video marketing strategy? Let’s dive in!


TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn all have a unique role to play in your video marketing strategy, as your target customers could be everywhere! In fact, if you’re a B2B brand, HubSpot reports show that LinkedIn is projected to take over as the most popular video channel for B2B marketers in 2022. But just like every other form of marketing, it has to work. That means only 14% of marketers haven’t heard the news. Video is the new king of marketing. 


What to Measure - Whatever goal you set out to achieve at the start of your campaign is the primary metric you should measure. If you’re looking to boost customer engagement, you’ll be looking at likes and comments. If you want more sales, you’ll be following the money. Or, if your goal was to increase conversions, you’ll want to measure click-through rates. However, all metrics tell a story. Here are some specific goals and how to measure them.


View Count or Unique Viewers - This isn’t the final word on success, but it does speak to reach and performance. A big number for view count can prove your content is attractive and interesting. Each platform shares view counts differently or even has a minimum of seconds required before a video can count as “viewed,” like YouTube’s 30-second rule. Facebook is a little more generous with only three seconds, but this can potentially skew your numbers.


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