A pedal error occurs when the driver steps on the accelerator when they are meant to hit the brake pedal. While these accidents are generally low-speed crashes, they can seriously hurt pedestrians and motor cycles. Sometimes, storefronts may also be a part of them. Although these collisions generally involve moderate speeds, they can harm pedestrians or bikers critically. Storefronts may also be impacted on several occasions.

Parking lots are where pedal error accidents frequently occur. According to a study of pedal-error accidents, parking lots and driveways were the sites of 77 percent of these accidents.

If any driver hits you by pushing the wrong pedal, you can file a personal injury lawsuit.

If your pedal error accident is caused by the defective pedal, you can file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of that particular product.

Most individuals hurt in pedal error accidents are entitled to compensations for their physical suffering and economic damages.

Medical records serve as evidence in any suit. It explains your condition before and after the accident. As a result, making your medical records accurate is critical to receive reasonable reimbursement.

Seek the assistance of a medical record review company for a better medical record review. Which will be more effective and also save you time?

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