We all know about bentonite is used in very large scale for different kind of uses .Bentonite contains very natural ingredients and useful in vary field, bentonite powder suppliers is the leading manufacturer of bentonite worldwide. We are supplying natural quality bentonite powder to our clients and never compromise with its quality.

Cosmetic use of Bentonite clay

Bentinite provides important minerals and very useful to our skin. Bentonite clay manufacturers know their cosmetic use and manufacture bentonite clay which contains beneficially minerals for our skin. Bentonite clay removes toxins from the body and also treating oily skin. The general use of bentonite is in drilling fluids. Bentonite for drilling is used for drilling mud and fluids to lubricate and cool the cutting tools to remove cuttings and to help prevent blowouts. Various kind of bentonite powder is available inthe market but among them sodium bentonite powder is used to make pet litter and great in demand.

Bentonite has great demand in various Industries

We all know attapulgite contains high water absorption capacity and also used to improve digestive system. Apart from better digestion it is used in industries on very large scale. We are the trustable and demandable attapulgite manufacturers to fulfil your requirement. Bentonite is used in foundry, making cat litter, construction and civil engineering, drilling etc. Among the all barite bentonite manufacturers in India, We extract it in high quantity from our mine and supply to our clients on time. We are the leading bentonite manufacturer and exporter in India and supply our products worldwide.