Do you frequently want for some enchanted that could in a flash shed a couple of pounds from your face and make you look slimmer?  If you learn a few makeup techniques, your wish can come true. That is correct!  Your face can be completely transformed by makeup. It can be used to make your best features stand out and give the appearance of a thinner face. 


The following are five simple makeup tips that will instantly sharpen and smooth your face and highlight your favourite features. 


Cover up dark circles and shadows around the eyes:  

Dark circles and shadows can make your face look bigger.  The opposite will happen if you put money into a solid coverage foundation.  You can also make the outer and inner corners of your eyes stand out by applying some white eyeshadow or highlighter to them.  Your face immediately appears sharper when you emphasize your eyes in this manner. 


Fill in your brows:  

Not only do sparse and thin brows make you look older, but they also make your face appear heavier.  Your brows should appear full without being overly thick.  A well-defined arch helps the face appear "lifted" and slimmer.  To achieve a flawless appearance, pick a shade that is just a shade darker than your natural brows. 


Apply highlighter makeup: 

Highlighter makeup helps give your face a radiant glow.  A highlighter stick, powder highlighter, face highlighter powder, liquid and cream highlighters, and even highlighter palettes are among the many types of highlighters.  Creams, sticks and fluids are effectively assimilated and look regular. Powders are good for beginners and easy to apply.  For an everyday makeup look or to make your face appear slimmer, highlighters can be used to subtly brighten it. 


You can apply highlighter to the parts of your face that naturally reflect light:  

The crests of the cheekbones, the bridge and tip of the nose, the forehead, the lips' cupid's bow, the top of the chin, and even the centre of the eyelids are all examples of these. Highlighter can be applied with your fingers, a brush, or a sponge.  For a face that looks the most natural and slimmer, use highlighter sparingly. 


Keep your lips regular:  

Striking lip tones can help  to thin down your face, they are best stayed away from. Lip gloss, a natural tint, or a nude lipstick will draw attention to your natural lip colour. 


Shape the feline eye 'upwards':  

While working with fluid liners to make a feline eye, most ladies make a line that goes across your covers.  On the other hand, if you want to lift your face, draw a line that goes slightly up at the outer corner of your eyes.  Your face will immediately appear narrow due to this. 

Conclusion: These makeup tips are surely going to help you give a thinner look. 

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