Your car’s tail pipe has the sole purpose of emitting the gases – usually the by product of combustion process. But, have you noticed some water dripping out of it? If yes! You need to investigate the cause. However, this does not alarm an immediate attention. Nevertheless, you should not avoid an inspection as there are enough chances of damages over the period.

If you do not possess enough competencies, take help of a qualified professional. However, presence of water at a vehicle’s tail pipe is due to a number of reasons and most of them are not too critical.

However, it is abnormal for there to be a long-lasting flow of water coming out of the exhaust because there are some unfavourable circumstances that can turn into severe issues at some point of time.

You should take a look at these following points to understand the primary cause behind any instance of water dripping out of exhaust.

Is it condensation working behind the scene?

You should not be amazed by the fact that a major outcome of a combustion process is a mixture of carbon dioxide as well as water. Once you turn off your car’s engine, or rest your engine for some time, the remaining exhaust gases find their way towards the tailpipe.

However, these gases go through the condensation process to turn into the water dripping out of the tailpipe. This does not fall into the category of problems as the water drips usually disappear after some time.

Is it a damaged piston causing water to drip out of the exhaust?

Since water may come out of the exhaust as a result of the combustion process. However, if it is coupled with the black smoke emitting from the exhaust, there is surely a cause for concern, or more precisely, a faulty piston. And, you have to be alert before damage takes a toll on your engine and costs you a hefty amount for car engine repair.

Finding the problem is difficult, and a qualified mechanic can only help with this issue. A smell from the exhaust may also be present in addition to the smoke and water.

When you encounter such a problem while driving, pull over to a safe location and call a car recovery service to have it taken to a mechanic. If this issue is not fixed, engine components may be damaged, and performance may be significantly reduced.

For an emergency service, you can ask for a car recovery from Service My Car. Never neglect such a critical problem and opt for a quick inspection as well as proper remediation.

Is it the catalytic converter producing those drips of water out of the exhaust?

The catalytic converter, an essential device at the exhaust, turns the harmful emission into a less hazardous or, to be precise, safer to emit into the environment.

However, a small amount of water start to appear as the catalytic converter works to reduce these toxic emissions. Small droplets of this water vapour will emerge from the tailpipe.

Most of the time, it's normal for the catalytic converter to drip water. If water appears in the exhaust of your car, your catalytic converter may be in excellent condition.

However, it would be wise to go for an inspection at a trusted workshop as water droplets coming out of exhaust are hard to diagnose. Service My Car offers you a proper diagnostic with a reliable solution to your problem if there is one.

Is it the damaged head gasket on your engine’s cylinder block?

Quite unrealistic! However, it seems quite odd that a problem such as a worn head gasket may cause water to drip out of the exhaust.

If white smoke also comes out of the exhaust, then it is surely a damaged head gasket. Unfortunately, a head gasket leak could result in overheating of the cylinder block and other components. Once the components overheat, they might get distorted in shape while harming the seals and gaskets.

Once seals and gaskets wear enough to offer ways to coolant, a leakage happens into the combustion chamber, allowing the coolant to burn with the fuel. This leads to the white smoke coming out of the exhaust.

However, this problem requires immediate attention as failure to address the issue can lead to serious damage that may not be repairable. Service My Car assists you by dealing with such problems and mitigating risks.

Is it just engine heat causing water droplets to come out of the exhaust?

You can anticipate seeing water coming from your exhaust if you reside in a cold climate. In order to cool down, engine parts typically require some time to allow the oil to circulate through them. Within the first few minutes of the engine starting up, the moving parts of the engine will produce a lot of heat. Additionally, the exhaust system will be unusually warm. The water starts to appear once the heat comes into contact with cold air.

The appearance of water droplets at the exhaust is not a major concern until the engine is not the culprit. However, the best course of action is to take your vehicle to a reliable workshop and have it inspected under the guidance of a qualified mechanic.

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