You'll want to work with the best solar installers in Perth to make the solar transition process easier because it can appear complicated. So how can you pick a professional solar installation that employs high-quality solar panels and is qualified, certified, and experienced?

The quickest response is to conduct research and speak with numerous installers. The following are some of the most crucial things to take into account when you start your residential solar journey:

Tips to Select the Best Solar Installers in Perth, WA

Here are some of the tips to choose the right solar company in Perth.


Organizations like the Clean Energy Regulator, commonly regarded as the gold standard among installers of renewable energy systems, grant industry-standard certificates. To install residential solar projects in your area, make sure the installer you select is registered, bonded, and insured. Inquire whether they'll be using subcontractors for your project and check the credentials of those subcontractors as well. The expert solar installers in Perth Fritts Solar is having all the credentials.

Credibility and Expertise

Look for solar installers in Perth who have experience doing so and are informed about every step of the procedure. Working with installers who have at least three years of experience is a solid general rule. Inquire about their experience in the industry and the number of solar energy systems they have installed. Ask a lot of questions, such as: Which modules do they employ, and why? Can they spell out the solar incentives you qualify for and how they operate? What information can they provide you on warranty coverage in the event that an issue arises with a part of the energy system after installation?


The work being done on your home shouldn't be a mystery; your solar installer in Perth should be honest with you about the procedure and available to answer any questions you may have at any time. Additionally, if your installer employs subcontractors, be sure you are aware of the parts of the job they will be responsible for and the level of supervision they will have.

Addressing Roof Conditions

When you hire an installer, one of the first things they should assess is your roof’s condition. Ask your installer if they recommend roof repair prior to installation. Also, make sure you are clear about who is responsible for roof damage that may occur or a roof leak if one develops.

Reputation and Testimonials

Do your research by reading internet testimonials from previous installation clients. The installers you are thinking about hiring ought to be able to recommend former customers who can talk to you about their installation experience. The installers should exhibit their ability to speak properly and assist you in understanding how your system will operate as you compare installers.

Talk to Friends and Neighbors

When unsure of who to believe in a competitive market, speak with your contacts who have switched to solar to find out what they took away from the experience. Direct feedback from a neighbor could give you more confidence than browsing online evaluations, you might find.

How to Select the Best Solar Installers in Perth for Your House - Conclusion

The tips explained in this article will help you find the best solar company in Perth, WA.


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