There is a common quote which is often used to describe the difference between the UK and USA “Two countries separated by a common language”. This quote is used to remind the people of the two countries that although they are culturally very much alike and their business approach is also very much similar, there is some important variation in their business operation. The students of the UK no doubt got the Best Assignment Help UK.


The Key Difference Between UK And US HR Practices

It is common practice in the UK that when a new employee joins any organization, they are often given a lengthy legal document in the name of the contract of employment and the new employee needs to sign it.

But the thing is not the same for the new employees in the US. In the US the employment of a new employee is considered “At Will”. This makes it easy for the employee to terminate the employer and employee relationship at any time and without any specific cause.

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The major difference in the employee benefits of both the countries is that in the UK there is the NHS which offers each employee free health coverage. In the US there is no such cover or benefits offered to their employees. To avail of such kinds of benefits you need to seek the help of a specialist by a prospective employee.
In the UK family leave is approved for the employee for the care of any person in his or her family, but in the UK family leave can only be provided for the care of the employee’s spouse, child or parents.

In the UK the employees must receive a minimum notice and also a fair reason for their termination, but in the US employee’s contract can be terminated by the employers at any time without any prior notice

The employer in the UK cannot force their employee to work for more than 48 hours per week, but the employer in the US can force their employee to work overtime as much as they want.

In the UK age protection is applied for their employee, but in the US age discrimination law can only apply to the applicant of 40 years or more.

How Is HR The Same In Both Countries?

It is believed that there are more similarities between the HR of both countries than there are differences. The fundamentals of both countries' HR are identical: according to both countries, the needs of the workforce are a must to be managed to maximize the productivity of the organization and also to protect it. The HR of both countries help in every step of an employee’s lifecycle. From key programs like performance management to continued education they provide support in everything.


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