You need good editing software tools to take a photo to the next level. A camera does the job of only capturing an image. One of the most used photo editing software “Photoshop” gives you the freedom to edit a picture beyond imagination. Photoshop has its in-built background removal tool that one can use to get rid of the unwanted background in a photo. Some want third-party plugins to accomplish the task of removing the background. If you are looking for the best plugins to remove the background in a photo, the list below will help you a lot. Let’s take a glance at the best Photoshop background removal plugins.

Mask Pro

Mask Pro is one of the best background removal tools for those who want to remove background without working hard and want to get good results by working smarter. The plugin lets you remove the photo background at a rate of knots. Its masking feature works brilliantly while removing all the objects appearing in a photo. The tool offers a magic brush that one can put to use to remove a specific color. To make it easy for you to use the plugin, the PDF user guide that comes with the software may help you a lot. The Mask Pro offers great functionality and will take your background removal process to the next level.

EZ Green Screen 5

EZ Green Screen 5 is a great background removal plugin. The green color is thought to be great for the background. Most professional photographers use a green screen in the backdrop while taking a photo so that they don’t have to struggle hard to remove the background. The plugin uses the Chroma key feature, detects the green background, and keeps only the one that is not of green color. It is important to avoid putting on a green dress as the plugin removes the green color. It allows you to not just remove the background but change the lightning also.

Image Skill Background Remover

Image Skill background Remover does an excellent job of eliminating the background in a photo. Its background removal feature detects every object so brilliantly in the background that no objects in the foreground are affected. It is an effective background remover plugin that you can install and take your background removal process to a further level.

Topaz Remask

Topaz Remask is one of the most effective plugins. It will let you eliminate the unwanted background in just a few clicks. The feature to mask an image makes this software more useful. It is quite easy to understand. You can use the Mask Image feature to know which portion of a picture improvement is required. It is one of the best background removal plugins.


The background removal plugins shared above will make your task of removing photo background even easier. You can install one of these plugins in Photoshop and start working on your next project. We have highlighted the features of each. You can opt for the one that you find useful.

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