CBD oil or so-called Cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis, which is a classification of cannabinoid you can find naturally in marijuana plants. Of course, it comes from marijuana plants, but it does not make a ‘high’ effect or a feel of intoxication that other cannabinoid, such as THC, creates. Here we discuss about major medical uses of CBD oil NZ.
Anxiety relief
Cannabis oil NZ may help you manage anxiety. Studies suggest that it may change the way the brain’s receptors reacts to serotonin – a chemical related to mental health. Receptors are small proteins connected to cells that accept chemical messages and help respond to different stimuli. CBD help relieve anxiety by decreasing stress, enhancing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and stimulating sleep in cases of insomnia.
Hemp oil NZ has been reported for a potential treatment for epilepsy. More researches are going on the quantity of CBD that can decrease the number of seizures in people with epilepsy. Researches provide a hope for seizure disorder and that research is being carried on to better understand its ‘safe use’.


Research is going on to learn the way how CBD can help people with neuro degenerative disorders. These disorders cause the brain and nerves to become worse over time. It is being studies whether the CBD oil can be used for treating multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and stroke. Cannabis oil NZ may decrease the inflammation that makes neuro degenerative symptoms to grow worse.
Pain relief
Properties of CBD oil on brain’s receptors can help manage pain. It has been proved that cannabis can provide certain benefits if taken after chemotherapy treatments. Other pre-clinical studies are being conducted to learn the ways that cannabis could help in reliving symptoms caused by arthritis, muscle pain, MS pain, and chronic pain and spinal cord injuries.
Anti-acne treatments
CBD on receptors in the immune system has been proved to be reducing overall inflammation in the body. Besides this, CBD oil also offer benefits for acne management. Some studies discovered that the oil forbidden activity in sebaceous glands, which are responsible for creating sebum. However, you should discuss with a dermatologist before using CBD oil for acne treatment.
Cancer treatment
Many studies have conducted to learn the role of CBD in preventing cancer cell growth. Research shows that CBD products may help reduce cancer symptoms and side effects of cancer treatments. However, doctors do not fully rely on any kind of cannabis as a cancer treatment. The Cannabis works in a manner that reduces inflammation and change the way the cells reproduce. Cannabis is proven to be decreasing the ability of certain kinds of tumor cells to reproduce.
These are the major benefits of CBD oil when used as part of medication. There are many manufacturers and sellers selling CBD oil and other products made of CBD at different price rates. Buy CBD oil NZ from a reliable and reasonable online store and start using it for pain management.