For parents with children, there is always the struggle of where to take them. But whether it's your first trip or you've already travelled the world, the beach is always the best place to go. The beach is a natural playground for children, where they can play in the sand, water and collect shells. It is a place where children can enjoy playing and be creative and imaginative. There are many games that you and your children can play on the beach, but here are 3 that you should not overlook.

    The first is beach mine warfare. Parents and children can dig holes in a defined area of sand firstly. Then any parent puts on a blindfold and the child directs his/her parent. Once the parent has stepped on a mine and out of the defined area, they have to walk back to the start and do it all over again.

    Next is beach ball. Beach bouncing ball can be played in the water or on the beach. Firstly, parents and children have to dig a few small pits in the sand, which should be at least bigger than the ball otherwise the ball will easily roll out. Then, a horizontal line, also the starting point, is to be drawn 3-6 m from the round pits. Parents and children find a way to throw the beach pinball into the pit without going beyond this line.

    Again, there is beach bowling. Not only can play on the beach but outdoor place. Durability makes it a great family game for the beach, indoor or backyard.

    There are so many benefits to parents and children playing together on the beach, not only for relaxation but also for children to stimulate their hands-on skills.