Most people, including Ben, believe that he'll be returning next season despite being tempted by retirement in recent years Mut 23 Coins. Time will tell what he decides to do, but it may be time for the Pittsburgh Steelers to look towards the future at the quarterback position.

Josh Jacobs, the talented running back from Alabama, was taken with one of the picks the Oakland Raiders acquired via the Khalil Mack trade. Though the Raiders will never replace a generational talent like Mack, it seems like Jacobs may end up being an all-time great in the silver and black. His rookie campaign has been tremendous so far and he's currently near the top of the league for total rushing yards through 5 games. Look for Jacobs to possibly jump to a place as a Top 5 NFL running back.

Kickers have some of the hardest jobs in the NFL. When they make routine kicks they're seen as an afterthought, but the moment they miss kicks it starts to put them in a bad place with fans. Cairo Santos isn't a bad kicker, but there's an argument to be made he's having one of the roughest 2022 campaigns so far as a kicker. In week 5 Santos missed 4 field goals in a close game against the Buffalo Bills that the Tennessee Titans could have won if he hit 3 of the 4 he missed.

Cooper Kupp already has a reputation as a reliable receiver in the Los Angeles Rams offense and has ascended to be Jared Goff's #1 security blanket. His 2022 campaign ended due to an unfortunate injury and the Rams offense never seemed to be as explosive in the passing game without him Madden 23 Coins Cheap. The 2022 NFL season has proven that he hasn't lost a step to the injury and though the Rams offense is still inconsistent, he's been a model of consistency for them throughout their first month of games.