After the exhibition of Runefest 2019, Jagex said that a new skill is visiting RuneScape. At the same time, Old School RuneScape may be enhanced by a major expansion.

Jagex said: "RuneScape will delve into its past through new archaeological skills. This adds a new way to obtain OSRS Gold. At the RuneFest conference in the RuneScape keynote, archaeology will become the first new skill in the game in four years and will be the 28th player to upgrade Skills."

Jagex provided more info about RuneScape's forthcoming Archaeology skill: "Archaeology might find players uncover multiple dig sites throughout the game's realm of Gielinor to plunder ancient artifacts. As they explore the excavation locations, powerful relics and weapons are uncovered, alongside knowledge and demon pacts that were lost to time."

Plus, Jagex announced further inclusions in RuneScape: "The game will build upon this summer's The Land Out of Time content with all the introduction of The Ranch Out of Time. Enabling players to lift, nurture and farm monstrous Gielinorian dinosaurs, The Ranch is going to be available in-game prior to the end of the year. The arrival of The Ranch Out of Time content may also see the level cap for two main of RuneScape's established skills raised from 99 to 120."

Jagex added: "The Morytania Expansion won't be the only new element going to Old School RuneScape." Ahead of the expansion, Old School RuneScape is usually getting a brand new game mode – Leagues. Therefore, players should Buy OSRS Gold to achieve excellent results in the league. The first, Twisted League, will discover players tackling Ironman content within the continent of Zeah. Other additions to Old School RuneScape include a different clan system that will enable up to 500 players to organize their matches, track their progress as a group, and accept other clans.

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