Victoria Falls is one of the most magnificent geographical marvels on earth, these are gigantic earth rending waterfalls, free from distinctions of being neither the widest nor the highest in the world. The sole accreditation in the name of Victoria Falls is of being the most captivating sights available to human eyes and is also considered the best safari in Africa. The Victoria Falls also made to CNN’s list of 7 natural wonders of the world. This is the sole reason why instead of asking what to do in Victoria Falls one must visit the geographical marvel as soon as he gets the opportunity. 

What are some places of accommodation while stay at Victoria Falls?

You might be saddened after hearing this but no accommodation or hotel sites overlook the Victoria Falls. Some may find this interesting and better as the natural light and sight of the falls haven’t been disturbed or hampered by rampant constructions or modifications. There are various accommodation options available near the Victoria Falls which suit every budget and your traveling peer group, this is why many times it is considered the best safari in Africa. While choosing the accommodation you can also lay emphasis on the placement of adventure sports hubs and arenas nearby. Many people prefer adjacent hotels and villas because of the benefit of enjoying tea with both the thunder and spray as a backdrop.

Essentials to look for while visiting the best safari in Africa-

The falls have shops and marketplaces for all types of crafts and curios available. Visitors can preferably purchase the extravagantly high denominations of Zimbabwean dollars which are up for sale and can root for the beautiful stone sculptures available.  These stone sculptures come in a variety of prices, sizes, and qualities. Many Zimbabweans themselves ply their trade, selling the most natural and wide selection of wood, stone, and metal statues.

Acceptable currency and payment modes at the best safari in Africa-

In exchange for availing of the services and purchase you can make payments in varying forms including Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, or Rand. Many hotels and tour operators also accept payments through international credit cards.

The best time to enjoy the blissful Victoria Falls-

This solely depends on what type of activities you want to perform at the gigantic falls. For instance, if you want to take a risky dip in the Devil’s pool or want to enjoy the highest white-water river rafting then you must visit the falls during the February-May season. Also, if you want to witness the full force of the falls then you might want to visit the fall during the October-November time span.