Lamudi Mexico presents for the first time the GDL 2018 Residential Real Estate Market Report , which, among other things, reveals specific information on the real estate market of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area through and covers average price figures, as well as the cost per square meter of the two municipalities that make it up.

In addition, it reads pertinent data on supply and demand in neighborhoods that have effervescent and trending housing dynamics.

With an overview of how the situation in Jalisco is with demographic, security, urban development and mobility notes , the report shows a polygon of average times of how long it takes a citizen to move from one point to another within the Jalisco metropolis.

Impending growth

"The real estate growth of Guadalajara is the reflection of favorable figures of economic productivity in the entity, an invitation for national and foreign investors to want to inject capital into new developments, by offering more and better products that meet the growing demand," he says. Jaume Molet , CEO and founding partner of Lamudi México .

It can be seen that the average between Guadalajara and Zapopan in terms of the price of buying a house is 6 million 637 thousand pesos, while the equivalent by apartments is around 5 million 995 thousand pesos.

In contrast, the cost per square meter (cpm2) did not exceed 20 thousand pesos for the sale of houses, rising that of apartments to 35 thousand pesos / m2.

Accelerated demand

In relation to the demand, Georgina Ochoa, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals of Guadalajara (AMPI - GDL) points out:

“The demand for properties in the market has increased; It has a lot to do with the new partial plans for Guadalajara that promote real estate investment by having properties with new potential, the verticalization and redensification of Guadalajara and its metropolitan area, as well as the construction of mixed-use projects and the demand that exists for this type of projects and vertical housing ”.

In this regard, the document indicates that people have a predilection for living in Guadalajara over Zapopan; 64.2% over 35.8% each. This is because the former is one of the most important financial and business centers in the country, as well as being one of the main tourist and gastronomic centers in the entire region.

On the other hand, those who are interested in Zapopan, seek to reside in a less dense area, but with a competitive and quality educational and health offer.

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Credit fluctuates

At the end, supported by reports from the Federal Mortgage Society, a slight perspective is given of how the mortgage loans are to date.

In addition to this, figures are revealed that add value thanks to numbers of private and public institutions, which say: "44 thousand 802 credits were granted by Infonavit in 2017" or that "the credit granted by commercial banks exceeded the figure of 29 million 826 thousand pesos of the portfolio in force at the end of October ”of the same year.