What are wisdom teeth?
Knowledge first, the wisdom teeth are the third or fourth molars, or in other words, the last of the teeth to erupt. Wisdom teeth usually show themselves at the posterior part of your dental arch in people of age group around 16-23. Of course, some teens do not face any problem while growing these molars just as the other molar teeth. Since the last of the molars do not cause any hindrance or compromising the adjacent tooth, the phenomenon of growing these wisdom teeth is quite smooth with these individuals, they might not understand the issues faced by other people. 


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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Some people grow impacted wisdom teeth. They face various problems while undergoing this natural yet painful process for them at the same time. There are various reasons why they have to face these challenges with their teeth and therefore, decide to go for the wisdom tooth extraction process. Here’s why:

First of all, I would like to bring to your attention that not all people need to get their wisdom teeth removed. As discussed with the top-rated dentist near me, some people might feel the pain when the last of their molars start to appear, the extraction of the teeth can be avoided by following the apt oral and dental hygiene along with some of the modifications in the surrounding oral tissues or changing the angle of the way you brush your teeth or increasing the frequency of flossing the teeth. 


However, there are still some situations where wisdom teeth extraction gets absolutely necessary. Reasons where the adjacent teeth become difficult to floss and clean and remove dental caries. In some cases, the wisdom tooth will form periodontal pockets around the adjacent teeth, making it quite unhealthy, increasing the need for it to get them removed or extracted. 

Other than that, as per the local dentist community in Houston, here are some reasons and situations where it becomes quite necessary to undergo the process of wisdom teeth removal:  


1.Damage to other tissues:- Since the molars are the last of your teeth, they might not come out or appear easily, they tend to make space for themselves and in the process, might impend damage upon the adjoining teeth along with disrupting the tissues, or pushing the other teeth, causing severe bite problems or pain. 


2.Jaw damage:- Along with disrupting the dental arch, these last molars can also initiate the formation of cysts. And if they aren’t treated at the right time. One might get face the problem of hollowed-out jaws and serious nerve damage. 


3.Sinus:-  Some problems with the wisdom teeth can further cause the individual to face sinus pain, pressure, and the problem of congestion as well. 


4.Gum problems:- As mentioned above, the tissue and jaw problems initiate while the gums start to appear. The tissues get swelled up and cause inflammation. 

Reasons might be any, but the suffering is the same. So why torture yourself with impacted wisdom tooth pain and rush to your nearest dentist for immediate dental care. Say goodbye to toothache forever.


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