A country which is legendary for its wonderful and incredibly beautiful cities within it makes it difficult for people to believe which city to go to first therein country. I am talking about the UAE. UAE has seven emirates, each of the Emirates is extremely famous and keeps a special place within the UAE. Each emirate has some sort of specialty in it and that specialty is what makes that emirate famous and unique. But the question remains there that which city or emirate to visit first? Let me answer this question.
The answer is Abu Dhabi city Tour. Abu Dhabi may be a city that ought to be visited first in UAE by booking your deal for the Abu Dhabi City Tour. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. Now if a city is the capital of UAE, think a second how much beautiful and unique it would be. You can call Abu Dhabi as a city which has everything, every place that one has to visit. Abu Dhabi City Tour is the best tour one could go for because you get to see all kinds of places in this tour in a very short time. From beautiful mosques covered with Islamic architecture to the huge shopping malls having all kinds of shopping facility, Abu Dhabi has it all. You can call Abu Dhabi Tour a full package of enjoying your vacations. The places within Abu Dhabi and the activities of those places are what makes Abu Dhabi Special. The places of Abu Dhabi are so popular that everyone knows about it, but for the ones who didn’t know let me give a brief explanation of each and every place within Abu Dhabi below:
Sheikh Zayed Mosque:
The famous mosque of Abu Dhabi which is a must try in your Abu Dhabi City Tour. The Islamic architecture in this mosque is the reason behind the popularity of this mosque. Visitors can all religions can visit this mosque. It is a mosque with a lot of capacity.
Heritage Village:
Explore the historical elements of Abu Dhabi by visiting Heritage village in your Abu Dhabi City Tour. It is a must visit here at Abu Dhabi.
Ferrari World:
This place is full of rides made to entertain people and give them the best experience in their Abu Dhabi City Tour. A person who loves to ride on unique rides should definitely visit the Ferrari world.
Corniche Beach:
Abu Dhabi is very famous for having beaches. If you really want to get an experience of that beach life then a visit to Corniche beach in your Abu Dhabi Tour is a must.
Dates Market:
Abu Dhabi has a very famous Dates Market. If you want to buy some very tasty dates you should visit the famous date market here at Abu Dhabi.
These are the most places that one should visit in their Abu Dhabi City Tour. Book your deal now and explore the capital city if UAE. I am sure you will not regret your decision of going for the Abu Dhabi City Tour.

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