Are you bored with your daily routine? Do you wish to evade the city's hectic pace? If you answered yes, then Pawna Lake Camping is your ideal retreat. Pawna Lake is an ideal location for camping, trekking, and adventure activities due to its proximity to Lonavala. Available Pawna Lake activities include kayaking, ziplining, movie nights, rifle shooting, and soft archery, among others. The distance between Chembur and Lonavala is approximately 85 kilometres. You can take a train to Lonavala or drive yourself there. To reach Pawna Lake from Lonavala, you can hire a taxi or a bus. Along the way, you can grab a refreshment at one of the well-known restaurants in Pune or one of the many eateries in Khandala. Pawna Lake Camping provides a variety of lodging options, from cabins to resorts. The Pawna Resorts and Villa One Lonavala are ideal accommodations for couples seeking a luxurious experience. If you wish to get closer to nature, you can choose Triangle Glamping or any other local camping option. Before you embark on your journey, be sure to visit the nearby Mapro Outlet for tasty snacks and mementos. For a comfortable sojourn, you can also consider the Jain Dharamshala in Lonavala or the Swargate Lodge. Pawna Lake offers a variety of adventure activities, including hiking, paragliding, and archery. During the monsoon season in Lonavala, you can visit Powai Dam or investigate Kamshet's surrounding areas. In addition, you can visit the Dam near Mumbai, which is an ideal location for photography.


Best Time To Visit

Are you unsure of the best time to leave for Pawna Lake? Don't forget to go to the picturesque location right after the monsoon season. The area is a heaven for all nature lovers, filled with historical sites and breathtaking scenery. However, following the most recent downpour, which helped clear the area and ensure a cool enough atmosphere for prolonged travel, the location becomes even more stunning. Travellers are able to enjoy time outdoors because the sky are clear and there is no chance of rain or very little chance of rain. While soaking in the tranquilly and lush foliage, you can choose to go on long rides with your pals or spend quality time by yourself.


There are several activities available at Pawna Lake, but kayaking has recently become very popular. One of the most popular pastimes for tourists visiting Pawna Lake is paddling around on kayaks. Many visitors eagerly anticipate renting a kayak and paddling across the lake while they are there. Everyone should include kayaking on Pawna Lake on their bucket list because it is such a low-risk activity. An expert guides you through the process and gives you a breakdown of the stages needed. You will be treated to a number of breathtaking views as you maneuver the lake on your boat using the paddles.


Precautions to be taken while kayaking 

Those individuals who are able to remain afloat on the water for longer periods of time are those who spend the most of their time on the boat. They are born with this information, but if you want to go kayaking for fun, you need to make sure you follow the guidelines so you don't endanger yourself on the water. When you go kayaking more frequently, a routine will ultimately form for you to follow. Despite this, it does not indicate that you are exempt from adhering to the safety regulations. The following is a list of guidelines that you need to bear in mind:

Check your kayak. 

You must inspect your boat for safety even when the camping coordinator has already done so. Inform the person in question if you discover something that could be dangerous.  


Having a safety equipment on hand

There are no warnings before an emergency. You must therefore be ready for one. A kayak safety kit should be prepared and contain all the necessary items, such as a flashlight, duct tape, bucket, ropes, whistles, etc. 


Keep enough life vests on hand. 

These do more than just keep you afloat—they save lives. It is imperative to wear them first to make sure they are in good shape. Make sure the life jacket you receive is appropriate for your weight and height as well. 


Examine the weather 

It is imperative to examine the weather to see if it is appropriate for the day you intend to go kayaking because it plays a significant role. A windy environment and erratic water are warning indications of an approaching storm. 


Study the dialect of water.

You must become familiar with the waters in order to enjoy and safely engage in sport like kayaking. Being constantly vigilant and paddling the boat/kayak at a safe speed are two safeguards you must take.