If we think all litter available in the market is safe for our kitty then misconception need to improvement. Among the all litter available in the market, bentonite cat litter is favourable and beneficiary to your beloved kitty. There is a proof that scientifically proves that using of natural sodium bentonite cat litters reduces the surrounding potential risks involved with the use of natural sodium bentonite cat litters for kittens. We are the prominent and reputed cat litter manufacturers globally.

Bentonite cat litter has great demand in the market.

Bentonite clay cat litter is the preferred product because of its unique property to absorb moisture and liquid. Bentonite increases its volume several times after coming into contact with liquid, causing cat litter to form clumps that can be easily scooped up. Bentonite’s efficient clumping ability makes it convenient; it has good water retention and is a natural drying agency, so it doesn’t support bacteria life. We know how to keep your kitty happy and healthy and so that our product bentonite granules is in great demand.