Bentonite has variety of uses and natural ingredients so its demand is high in the market. We are the leading bentonite powder suppliers who always work on ethic and supply their clients their requirement on time. Many reputed customer purchased bentonite from us and never complain regarding the same.

Bentonite has varied uses and beneficiary for us

Bentonite clay has many nutrients which help in getting rid of toxin from the body. When it comes in contact with water it acts as magnet on our body and pulls out the toxin. Bentonite clay manufacturer is very well aware about its uses and provide you best bentonite clay which is useful to your body. Bentonite drilling mud manufacturers has reached at top in the matter of supplying mineral base bentonite worldwide. Bentonite is widely used as a beauty product for skincare as well as a mud pack for bath. It is also used for drilling mud.

Attapulgite is used for Industrial and medicinal purposes

Sodium bentonite powder is suitable for commercial and industrial uses but calcium bentonite is good for the body and topical. Bentonite is also used for oral health; you can apply this powder on your toothpaste while you are brushing. Attapulgite is a substance which is widely used for industrial and medicinal purposes. So many attapulgite clay manufacturers available in the market but among them we are the best choice for you to fulfil your needs. As barite manufacturers, we extract barite in high quantity from our mine and supply to our clients on time.