Both commercial and residential premises now have valuable electrical assets such as electrical systems, appliances, gadgets, machinery, etc. Protecting from lightning strikes and power surges becomes mandatory. People living or working on a premise will also need protection from the sudden burst of electricity due to a lightning strike. Hence, a ground rod attached and installed to the electrical system is crucial.

The mode of operation of modern Ground Rods protects industrial machinery, commercial electrical assets and home appliances from power surges and lightning strikes. These rods are deeply embedded in the ground and get connected to the electrical system of a building. These rods are generally 1.5 inches in diameter and 8 – 10 feet in length. They reduce the standard modes of disturbances outside an LV installation, such as transformer breakdown or lightning strikes.

Benefits of installing grounds rods

Considering the characteristic features of a ground rod, here are the benefits an electrical system of a residential or commercial premise enjoys.

  • Proper dissipation of excess electric energy

The electrical systems of a building get connected to an electrical energy source or a transformer outside. The transformer transmitted a higher amount of electrical energy than required. The sudden spike in the electric potential will push a gust of electrical power through the system and fry the gadgets, appliances and machinery connected to it. A person operating those items may also get electrocuted.

These unprecedented events need all-time protection and prevention of damage. Earth rods are installed and connected to an electrical system. An earth rod provides a continuous way of dissipating the excess energy flowing in an electrical system, thus diverting it from the appliances and operators.

  • Lightning strike protection

During stormy weather, lightning strikes tall buildings and lone buildings. Towers, power distribution applications and high-voltage substations also get struck by lightning. The internal electrical system gets fried and destroyed due to the overflow of electrical energy. A ground rod installed and connected to an electrical system provides a safer path to dissipate the energy introduced by a lightning strike to the ground without harming anything or anyone.

  • Fault in the internal electric system or appliances

An electric appliance may malfunction, causing an improper flow of electricity. An undefined flow of electricity in other parts of an electric device will have no limiter to control the energy flow. Hence, an operator of the machine or appliance will get electrocuted if he uses the faulty appliance. The grounding system will provide a safer path to redirect the excess energy flow in the malfunctioning unit and keep the user safe.


These are the prime benefits of Ground Rods installed in residences and commercial complexes. These days, earth rods are designed per current specifications to meet the grounding needs of high-rise buildings for better protection.