Bentonite clay is available on earth in plenty. It is extracted from the earth naturally. It is gelatinous when wet. Clay is part of a large family and in this large family, there are various subgroups and one of them is Montmorillonite clay. Again montmorillonite is divided into various subgroups, and one of them is bentonite powder. Bentonite is again divided into subgroups. The prominent sub-divisions of bentonite are calcium and sodium bentonite. Both these divisions of bentonite have their properties and specialities.

Geologies have proved that sodium bentonite is volcanic ash that fell in the seawater. At the same time, calcium bentonite is proved to be the volcanic ash that fell in the freshwater. Both these forms of bentonite minerals can be subdivided again as different properties and qualities.

Prominent Uses of High Quality Bentonite

There are thousands of uses for high quality bentonite. Bentonite is used to reduce fluoride in fluoridated water. It is possible by mixing bentonite with magnesium.

Bentonite is used to detect dietary toxins. These toxins may lead to liver and other vital organ damage in our body and thereby destroys our immunity. Proper use of this mineral can improve the health of humanity as a whole.

Drilling mud bentonite is used for all types of drilling activities. It is used for both on and offshore drilling activities. It is also used to remove toxins from the land. Mostly, if your land is near to public roads, there is a higher possibility of getting it contaminated. Proper use of bentonite will remove this contamination. Drilling bentonite is essential for all the drilling activities, especially in oil wells.

Bentonite cat litter is available to purchase online. It is a very useful material required for everyone rearing pets at home. API bentonite is very effective in the freshwater as a viscosifier and fluid loss agent. In most of the engineering and construction fields, civil bentonite is essential to perform various activities.