is one of the best sites for ai beat generator. This online tool gives us music made with AI, the same one that Elon Musk wears and that defeated those professional Dota 2 players.

Today, Artificial Intelligence is capable of doing anything. Every time we learn to do something we thought was impossible, flashbacks come to our heads of apocalyptic futures in which we are dominated by our creation. A catastrophic vision that may never come. And if it comes in the meantime we can enjoy music made with AI.

This sounds a bit like science fiction, right? Music is one of the most typical characteristics of the human being as it is a purely artistic product. Well, the AI generate beat is capable of generating it, and in fact, you have it at your fingertips: this website puts this same music on by pressing a button. - the site where you can listen to music made with AI:

The website in question is called and the AI it uses is OpenAI, which by the way if you have been attentive to current events in this field you will know what it is. That's right: it's Elon Musk's AI who has become famous for beating professional Dota 2 players numerous times.

The AI can generate songs of up to 10 different instruments with up to 15 different styles. He is capable of imitating artists as diverse as Lady Gaga or Mozart or directly taking soundtracks from video games and movies to create unique compositions. On the website that OpenAI has enabled, there is a section where you can test how it works, being able to choose parameters such as the style, the intro, and the instruments. She will be able to create songs on her own once you have given her the base. is the best website to generate music using AI. It is a neural network that has been trained on a data set of MIDI files collected from a variety of online sources spanning the various music styles of jazz, African, pop, indie, or Arabic. The researchers behind the project say the system can pay attention to music for long periods of time, meaning it's able to understand the broad context of a song's melodies and all their nuances, rather than how they flow together in a small unique section. So the system has the task of predicting the next note in a sequence.