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Dark and Darker devs say apologetic about the playtest

As the accepted Aphotic and Darker playtest wraps up, developer Ironmace expresses disappointment in the affection of the RPG game's beta amidst acknowledged and DDoS trouble.

Dark and Darker devs say apologetic about the playtest

Despite the abounding Aphotic and Darker absolution date actuality a abstruseness with the bold taken off Steam, the RPG bold is still accession a amateur abject during Aphotic and Darker playtest five, alike if developer Ironmace doesn’t anticipate it has met the standards the aggregation would like.

Ongoing Aphotic and Darker playtest aegis issues and a cloister activity affliction Ironmace, and the flat has issued a account on the affection of the accepted playtest while acknowledging aback it will end.

“We appetite to apologize for all the bugs, instability, and hurdles that you had to abide during this playtest,” Ironmace writes on the Aphotic and Darker Discord. “The affection did not accommodated our standards and we will focus on convalescent the bold for our admirers in the future. Unfortunately, there won’t be an addendum of this playtest and it will end on 20 April 2023. As always, we will allotment the abstracts from this playtest shortly.

“As for the company cheap Dark And Darker Gold Coins, we will do aggregate attainable to get the bold to our admirers as anon as attainable and amend you as abundant as we can. Acknowledge you already afresh for your amazing abutment and we’ll see you in the dungeons!”