Heavy-duty Eicher truck for managing large construction projects suits some operators. Conversely, Mahindra commercial trucks with sturdy and compact designs for loading goods serve others. 

Know more about the given models, as how their size, price and features make them different. Let’s continue. 

1. Eicher Pro 3015 

With this reliable model, users experience a haul-free ride. Also, its domex steel body and heavy bumper enhance safety against road accidents. Besides, the model’s E494 4V TCI engine operates from diesel, giving a high 160 HP output. 

Moreover, the model’s 16371 kg GVW enhances the loading ability, allowing 10572 kg of payload capacity. This truck configures different fuel-saving modes, providing three-tier benefits to manage trips, fuel, and uptime. In addition, 24/7 Live telematics provide accessibility to easily en-route. 

Furthermore, with a fully trimmed sleeper cabin, the truck is a savior for the haul-free ride. Not just the body, but it has sturdy tyres also for smooth maneuvering, and glides through terrains. Hence, with considerate mileage, the Eicher truck comes at Rs. 25.01 Lakh - 26.01 Lakh.

2. Mahindra Supro CNG Duo Mini Truck

Not just features, but this model offers great pricing at Rs. 6.32 - 6.52 Lakh. Besides, it runs on dual fuel power – CNG and diesel. Both fuels enhance productivity, with the motive to reduce emissions. 

Moreover, the Positive engine CNG-operated engine gives 27 HP output at maximum torque. Further, the model allows users with a payload capacity of 750 kg from 1850 kg GVW. Also, this weight is evenly balanced with durable wheelers, providing a 1950 mm wheelbase for a stable ride. 

Hence, the Mahindra mini truck offers a good driving range. Also, it offers dual power with the best mileage and loading capacity.