Travelers must submit to screening to get transportation, including checking if their PCs are running
Tight security checks are causing a rush to connect transportation.
The road to the opening ceremony is closed to traffic.

The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, a celebration of Asia, is ready to kick off under heavy security. 한국야동 When the Opening Ceremony flame is lit, it will signal the start of 16 days of intense competition for 11,970 Asians from 45 countries.

The road to the main venue, the "big lotus" Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, where the opening ceremony will take place, is lined with layers of security like high-security petals. We were informed in advance that we would not be allowed to bring wireless internet connections, umbrellas, etc. into the venue.

Journalists had to board designated vehicles through the Main Media Center (MMC) to get to the venue. Journalists who had already passed through security at the MMC were asked to go through another security check before boarding their vehicles.

Not only did they have to remove all of their computers, 성인웹툰 but they also had to turn them on and have officials verify that they were "real" computers.

Lines to board transportation to the main stadium were packed. The line didn't shorten as the security checkpoints were slow to clear the crowd. Only a handful of journalists were able to get through the checkpoint and continue on to the transportation. Security checks slowed down the procession.

Some lanes of the road leading to the venue were blocked. Public security (police) was deployed on the closed roads. There was very little traffic on the roads except for vehicles authorized by the event organizers.

When we arrived at the stadium, we handed out bread and water. Security wouldn't let us bring in anything to eat or drink. Our tickets were checked several times by officials as we made our way to our seats in front of the opening ceremony stage. There was no wireless internet access at the venue. The level of security and vigilance was jaw-dropping.

According to the organizers, the opening ceremony was aimed at expressing the harmony between traditional Chinese culture and modern civilization. It uses science and technology to adapt traditional culture and express oriental beauty.

The torch will be lit online by netizens along with six torchbearers.

The tight security of the opening ceremony is likely due to the presence of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, and other high-ranking officials. Prior to the opening ceremony, Han met with Xi in the city of Hangzhou to wish the Asian Games success and discuss the improvement of China-ROK relations. 19가이드03