The self-publishing revolution continues its momentum and brings more writers' voices into the book industry. Print-on-demand has been an entry point for many because it removes the responsibility for inventory costs. But it can be generic, and if you want hardcover book printing or something more unique like spiral binding, there might be better choices than on-demand. Finding a full-service printer with order fulfillment capabilities is doable and a route many successful self-publishers have taken. If you publish a quality book that looks good and has strong content, you'll improve your chances of success,

It's also important to take note of the services traditional publishers provide for their authors. The first major one is professional editing. There are different types of book editing, from development to line edits, each of which has specific importance. Generally speaking, the more you work with an editor who understands your book and genre, the better the outcome. Cutting corners or skipping editing entirely can have a significant impact on your book. It deserves the attention of a seasoned professional who understands the competition and what it takes to be successful; you'll benefit in the long run.

After editing comes cover design in its importance. We may make jokes about book covers not always representing the quality of the inside contents, but they are influential. Some graphic arts professionals specialize in cover design and working with one of them gives you a leg up. It's another area where your genre has an effect, and you need someone who understands the expectations. Color, artwork, and typography all play a role in a strong cover design. It would be best to consider how it will look as a "thumbnail" size on the web pages of online booksellers – they're massive sales channels for books.

Once you've brought your book across the finish line and are about to publish it, you'll need a marketing program ready. PR experts recommend you plan it several months in advance. There's every reason to promote your work online, but adding media coverage and speaking events/appearances will build momentum. Books are still a personal decision for most people, and they enjoy learning about authors and their work. It can be an excellent way to go if your budget allows for a publicist. Be realistic about your expectations and clear in your goals. They will help assure your book's sales prospects. 

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