Door sensor-door sensor is the most important sensor of any alarm system, when anyone enters your home, the door sensor gives you information. This sensor is made up of two parts that form a circuit. When someone opens the door, these two parts are separated and the Home Security System Chennai between them is broken, as soon as the circuit breaks, the door sensor will give the control panel a signal to play the alarm. And the troll panel immediately reaches the central monitoring station.

It is very easy to install door sensors, no special equipment is required to install it. But the more you know about the security alarm system, the better you will be able to use and Home Security System Delhi it.Internal action of door sensors-modern technology has a variety of door alarm sensors, and most of them use read switch technology and magnet parts.



Reed switches and magnet parts determine the opening and closing of the door Home Security System Bangalore. The reed switch is used by countless machines, from door-well to laptops and is trusted. When these two parts come to each other, there is a circuit lobes and an electric current flows. And when these two parts move away from each other, these circuit breaks occur when the electric current is closed.


When you add a door sensor to your home security system, these sensors come with 2 parts: a read switch and a magnate part Alarm Systems. One part of it is applied in a door frame and the other parallel to it in the door itself. These two parts form a circuit when the door is closed, and as soon as the door opens, the reed switches and the magnate parts are separated from each other and the circuit is broken. When the circuit breaks, Security Alarm the sensor sends a signal to the control panel and the control panel immediately notifies the CMS.


Intol the door sensor-installation of the Dare sensor can be done very easily. Using a good glue or a double-sided tape, one part has to be used in a door frame and the other in a parallel door Security Alarm System. These two parts should be parallel to a tenth and the space between them should not be less than 1 centimeter and not more than 3 centimeters. If they are not parallel to each other or the space between the two is very high, these two parts will not be able to track each other and the reed switches and magnet parts will be in the making of circuits.




Shop/garage door sensor and shutter sensor-garage sensor and shutter sensor also works as the door sensor Burglar Alarm System. But they are designed for the iron shutter door so that the parts that are installed in the door are iron. It has 3 parts-the first which is installed in the ground below, which is called the Reed switch, the second part is applied to the shutter door parallel to the reed switch, called the magnate part, which goes up-down at the time of closure and skin, and the third part, called PCB, is installed in the nearby side wall.



When these reed switches and magnet parts come in, they build a circuit and when they move away from each other, these circuits become brakes. Home Security As soon as the circuit brake is there, the sensor will send the signature panel to the signal to play the alarm and the troll panel sends its information to the central monitoring station.



Use and maintenance of door sensors-door sensors you can get anywhere as per your requirement such as window, cabin, ward rob etc. Door sensors can be configured according to your requirement, if you want an unauthorized person to open your door at an alarm or you want to get information only at the time of the alarm, not the alarm, all these can be done as per your requirement Intruder Alarm System.

As if no door sensor always runs. Sensors may be damaged, read switches can be removed, or the battery of the wireless sensor is usually eliminated Video Doorbell. But you don't need to worry about all this because your alarm system is always connected to our central monitoring station, if there is a problem with a sensor, our CMS operators immediately take action on them and the problem is diagnosed before you are aware.

Since you have now known what the internal action or functioning of the door sensor is and how it works, it is time to buy a door sensor with a home alarm system that can meet your security needs.