2nd place Incheon, 3rd place match Han Do-yoon-Kim Sung-jin won two titles

Gyeongsangbuk-do took first place overall as the table tennis events of the 104th National Sports Games (NGN) at the Mokpo Indoor Stadium in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, concluded on Monday.

The Korea Table Tennis Association gave out the overall awards for each province by summing up the results of each event on the day.

Gyeongbuk took first place with a total score of 1549 points. Kim Ga-on (Duhogo) won the gold medal in the boys' high school individual singles. The team also won silver in the men's college team event (Andong University), silver in the women's high school team event (Yeongcheon Girls' High School), bronze in the high school mixed doubles (Lee Sang-hyuk and Lim Ji-ji), bronze in the men's college singles (Kang Jin-ho), bronze in the women's college singles (Nam Yoon-jung), and bronze in the men's general singles (Bae Hee-chul).

Incheon is in second place with 1547 points. Incheon swept all events in the women's collegiate division, and university athletes such as Kang Sung-hyuk (Inha University) won a silver medal in the men's individual singles. In the women's general team event, POSCO International won its second consecutive title.

The team finished third overall with a total score of 1517 points despite strong performances from university players such as Kyungpook National University and Yongin University.

Incheon National University ace Lee Soo-yeon won gold in the team and individual singles events, as well as the mixed doubles event with Inha University's Choi Seon, making her the only triple winner of the tournament. Han Do-yoon (Kyungpook National University) and Kim Sung-jin (Daesong High School) won the other two titles. 토토사이트