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Penetration Testing Services in India

Enhance Your Understanding and Management of Cyber Security Risks

Penetration testing is an intrusive test that simulates an actual cyber attack that aims at discovering exploitable vulnerabilities. It confirms the existence and exploitability of a vulnerability. Penetration testing helps an organization determine the extent of damage that a cyber attack could cause when a vulnerability is exploited. Most organizations have security policies on paper, however, a pen test will prove the efficacy of such policies in terms of being able to respond to security incidences and can also measure the level of adherence by end-users. Click now vapt services

What we Offer

A team of highly skilled & certified ethical hackers

A comprehensive pentesting that is not limited to bypassing existing security safeguards but goes to the extent of attempting to access intellectual property which is the main goal in a cyber attack. Read more pentest as a service

We use well-tested methods

Clear and comprehensive reports

An action plan

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Maintains trust with your customers – think about how much a data breach costs: financially, those unending legal issues and of course … TRUST. Nothing hits a business harder than when customers lose trust in you. That is why we are here to ensure that your customers stick with you to the end. Click for Knowing pentesting a website

It is very effective in the identification and testing of vulnerabilities that might be hard or impossible to notice with standard scanning tools.

It keeps you safe from data breaches and ensures business continuity since it seals those gaps within your IT security that could easily get exploited and affect the continuity of business.

It ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations. Click more update vapt audit

Why InfoSec Brigade?

An experienced technical support team

Top talented staff and expertise in cyber security

We offer customized security solutions to meet your security needs

Competitive services at very competitive prices

No hidden costs / unnecessary expenses

InfoSec Brigade is a cyber security solution providing firm, working with a diverse range of industries and 150+ enterprises across the globe. We offer leading-edge cyber security products and services to help enterprises.