Great PPC marketers know the importance of keeping an eye on the future. You constantly monitor what your competitors are doing and how your campaigns are performing, but how often do you look at the PPC industry as a whole?

By looking at the future of paid search advertising, you’ll be able to see the trends that are coming down the pipeline and have plenty of time to prepare for them. This foresight may even provide you with an edge on the competition!

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So, what is the future of the paid search industry? Here are 7 trends that are making big waves in 2020.

#1: AI-Powered, Human-Driven Ad Campaigns

Artificial intelligence and automation have been extremely popular subjects in the marketing world for years now. In 2020, account managers are learning that, while automation is extremely powerful and can save lots of time and money, relinquishing control over their campaigns and strategies is not the most comfortable prospect.

Thus, the AI tools that are gaining traction are the ones that automate tasks that require a lot of time and resources, but have little impact on the results. These tools empower PPC managers to make better decisions, without taking any of the control out of their hands.

Cohesive Multichannel Marketing

Digital marketing is a huge umbrella term that encompasses a number of smaller activities and strategies, like social media, search, ecommerce and others. Marketers are continuously adding new channels to their strategies in order to expand their reach and enhance their customer experience. However, each new channel was treated as its own island. That’s no longer the case.

Now, marketers are looking at the entire marketing experience as a whole, including how PPC fits into the equation. This creates multichannel campaigns that extend across all of these would-be islands.

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Amazon Advertising Continues To Steamroll

A few years ago, the only advertising channels that really mattered were Facebook, Google and Bing/Yahoo. Amazon’s new advertising platform has quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the most important channels, especially for product-centric companies.

If you haven’t already begun to explore the opportunities available through Amazon Advertising, now is the time to start. Otherwise, you may find yourself lagging behind the competition!

PPC Marketing Becomes Harder And Requires More Strategy

Paid search advertising has been getting more and more popular each month, which means there are more companies competing for ad spaces. Unfortunately, the number of ad spots on a given keyword hasn’t changed.

With more competition for the same amount of advertising real estate, PPC marketers need to become more crafty and strategic than ever before. You’re going to have to start thinking out of the box if you want to win in the new PPC landscape!

New Advertising Channels Become Top Priorities

Amazon is definitely the biggest new channel at the PPC dinner table, but it isn’t the only one to join the paid search game. Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok and other channels are growing in popularity and have their own advertising tools available to companies.

With competition reaching a boiling point on Facebook and Google, PPC marketers may want to explore these small and emerging channels.

Costs Will Start To Go Up

With all of this increased competition for top ad spots on Google SERPs, it’s likely that cost-per-click amounts will start to climb. Even if you’re creating compelling, out-of-the-box campaigns, it still may not be enough to secure the coveted top ad ranks.

Unfortunately, advertisers may simply need to bid more aggressively and spend more for clicks. It’s unclear how costly PPC will be thanks to the added competition. It’s also uncertain whether Google will make any changes to their bidding system to accommodate the increased popularity.

Google Shopping Actions Gains Traction

In an effort to compete with Amazon Advertising, Google stepped up their ad experience for ecommerce companies with Google Shopping Actions. While this was released last year, 2020 will be the time when marketers learn how best to use this new feature to empower their shopping ad campaigns.

You can also expect that Google will add features and make updates to Google Shopping Actions throughout the year.


While not all of these upcoming trends are positive, it is crucial that you recognize the shifts that are occuring (and about to occur) in the paid search world. Adapting and preparing to these changes is not only crucial for navigating the ever-changing PPC environment, but it will also help you position yourself ahead of the competition in the future!