LaMelo Ball taped under the ear

The National Basketball Association (NBA) secretariat imposed sanctions on star players' tattoos based on the 'prohibition of commercial logo exposure' clause.

Sports media ESPN reported on the 18th (Korean time) that the NBA required Charlotte Hornets guard LaMelo Ball to cover the tattoo below his left ear.

It is very rare for tattoo-tolerant American sports leagues to sanction players for tattoos.

Nevertheless, the reason the NBA has sanctioned Ball's tattoo is because it judges that the tattoo has 'commercial intent.'

The tattoo is written with the English initials 'LF', which is an abbreviation for Ball's middle name 'LaFrance' and is also the name of the clothing brand he created.

"Under the league's collective bargaining agreement with its players, players are prohibited from displaying commercial or corporate logos on their bodies or heads during games," the NBA said. "We have tried to enforce it reasonably, but Ball's neck tattoo clearly violates the regulations and must be covered," he said.

LaMelo Ball

Ball's side is known to have protested, saying that the initials 'LF' are also the name of Ball's close uncle and have been used since before the launch of the clothing brand.

He also claimed that other players have had corporate logos tattooed on them in the past.

However, the NBA countered that the players cited by Ball had never signed a sponsorship contract with the company.

Ball decided to accept the NBA's request and began covering the tattoo starting with the game against the Miami Heat on the 15th.

Then, in the home game against the Milwaukee Bucks on the 18th, he walked the court with blue tape attached below his left ear.

Ball scored 37 points, the most of both teams on the day, but Charlotte lost 99-130 to Milwaukee. 고스톱