LATAM Airlines affords passengers the comfort of deciding on their seats, making sure of a blissful and personalized flying experience. Whether you pick more legroom, particular places inside the aircraft, or different amenities, the perception of the LATAM Airlines Seat Selection can substantially beautify your journey.

LATAM Airlines Seat Selection

Selecting your seat on LATAM Airlines is a quintessential thing to ensure the best flight. The proper seat preference can extensively affect your comfort, convenience, and general journey experience. 

From aisle seats for effortless get-right of entry to window seats presenting an amazing view, every choice is catered to via LATAM seat selection options.

How to Select Your Seat on LATAM Airlines?

Here are the steps for LATAM Airlines Seat Selection, given below:

  1. During Booking: When reserving your flight through the LATAM Airlines official website or Mobile App, you will be asked to pick out your seat. The interactive seat map allows you to view reachable seats and their respective features, such as greater legroom or proximity to restrooms.
  2. After Booking: If you have already booked your flight and desire to pick out a seat afterward, you can do so by gaining access to your reservation through the LATAM Airlines Official Website or Mobile App. 

Navigate to the "My Trips" section, the place where you will discover the alternative to pick out your desired seat.

Categories to LATAM Seat Selection

  1. Standard Seats: These are the fashionable seats accessible to all passengers. While they may additionally range in phrases of legroom and location, they supply the primary relief required for an ordinary flight.
  2. LATAM Plus Seats: LATAM Plus seats provide greater legroom, better comfort, and precedence services. These seats are typically placed in the front rows or emergency exit rows, presenting extra house and comfort all through the flight.

Benefits of LATAM Plus Seats

  1. Extra Legroom: Enjoy extra area to stretch out and loosen up at some stage in your flight.
  2. Priority Services: Passengers with LATAM Plus seats frequently get hold of precedence boarding and disembarkation, ensuring a smoother and faster experience.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: These seats are specially designed to bring comfort, making the trip extra enjoyable.

Tips for Seat Selection on LATAM Airlines

  • Early Booking: Secure your favored seat by means of reserving early. Popular seats, such as those with more legroom or precise locations, have a tendency to get reserved quickly.  
  • Consider Your Needs: Whether you feel more legroom, quietness, or speedy right of entry to facilities, take into account your preferences earlier than choosing your seat. 
  • Frequent Flyer Programs: Members of LATAM Airlines standard flyer packages may additionally have to get entry to complimentary seat choices or one-of-a-kind seating options. 


Selecting your seat on LATAM Airlines is a vital step in tailoring your flight journey to meet your preferences. With a variety of options, consisting of the distinct LATAM Plus seats for introduced remedy and convenience, passengers can beautify their trip by selecting the seat that quality fits their needs. 

By perceiving the procedure and handy preferences for seat selection, passengers can make knowledgeable selections that contribute to a greater exciting and relaxed tour trip with LATAM Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for seat selection at LATAM Airlines?

While some fare training might also consist of seat selection at no greater cost, others might also require a charge for unique seat preferences.

Can I change my seat after it is selected at LATAM? 

Yes, you can alter your seat decision earlier than your flight. However, this would possibly be a concern to availability and plausible fees.

Are LATAM Plus seats handy on all flights?

LATAM Plus seats are confined and may additionally not be accessible on all flights. It's really helpful to test seat availability in the course of the reserving process.