The digital transformation initiatives have been affecting the business executives across various industries. The project can impact the fundamental ways through which the business operated, and these projects need to be completed quickly as well as cost-effectively. For most of the companies, one of the biggest challenges lies in tackling a poor user experience.

User Experience Innovations: Introduction of VDA

An example of user experience innovation is centred around the growing usage of Virtual Assistants. A few years back, there used to be a time when the business professional would check the calendars on their PDA or personal digital assistants. With technological advancements over these years, these virtual assistants comprise a large part of our lives and have become a standard component on smartphones. The Virtual Digital Assistants or VDAs such as Google Now and Siri by Apple help us in performing tasks hands-free, which ranges from scanning information on the emails to providing reminders on our current activities and even help us by suggesting travel routes. A report published by Tractica has stated that the enterprise adoption VDAs will grow to 1billion active users by the year 2025. During this period, the VDA market will be valued at $7.7 billion in terms of global annual revenue.

User Involvement in Early Phases of Digital Transformation

The very first step in starting the digital transformations is defining which applications are to be built. Also, one should consider the potential customers for the developed application. It is really of no concern, whether the application has internal or external users. The opinion of the users is what determines the adoption and success of the app. When user-experience is involved in the early phases of digital transformation, one can ensure a great success on the app.

The primary role of a user-experience designer is to understand the needs and wants of an application or suite of an application’s end users. They shuffle the requirements with the IT needs and business goals to help in shaping the form of application. The involvement of user-experience professionals in the early process helps in ensuring that an application is tailored-fit to meet the needs of end-users. They make sure that the functionality and information which is visible to the user is relevant and easy to use.

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