Perfect wings come from practice. Creating winged eyeliners is relatively easy to learn but requires the best eye pencils and practice. Perfectly crafted wings often arouse the dread of smearing, but there are no shortcuts to defining and revitalizing your eyes. It can change your appearance substantially or slightly depending on how it is done, and it looks fantastic on almost everyone. Here mentioned are the guide for giving perfect wings to your eyes: 

Choose A Perfect Eyeliner: 

Selecting the best eyeliner is the first step. They are the greatest option for novices. The greatest choice is the waterproof eye pencil, renowned for its flawless application and long-lasting composition. 

Prepare Your Eyes: 

Before applying the eyeliner, your eyes must be ready. Clean the area around your eyes to get rid of oil or residue. It can provide a spotless surface for applying eyeliner. To extend the wear of your eyeliner, use the eyeshadow primer to create a smooth base. 

Use Cream Eyeliner for A Soft, Natural Look: 

Like gel, cream eyeliner is often applied with a brush into a small pot, but it may also be purchased in pencil form, which makes it a wonderful option for novices who might feel more at ease using a pencil than a brush. It is essential to choose the best quality eye pencil. The cream liner works beautifully and applies smoothly when you want a soft, smudgy effect. 

Begin With A Light Hand: 

Gradually increase the thickness, starting with a light hand. You will be able to draw accurate lines and avoid needing adjustments. Place your elbow on a stable surface to keep control and stability when applying eyeliner with a waterproof kajal pencil. 

Start Applying From The Inner Corner: 

Start with the inner corner of the eye and work outward with the waterproof kajal. Make efficient connections by using light, brief strokes. Beginners should use this technique since it guarantees a smooth and controlled application. 

Create A Better Wing: 

The traditional winged eyeliner style is achieved by extending the line over the outer corner of your eye. After finishing the wing, you must go back to the inner corner of your eye to fill in any spaces left above the lash line. 

Clean Up Well: 

Use a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover to clean up the edge of the wing, swiping it from the outer corner of the eye to create extremely sharp wings. To correct any makeup that may have fallen off and to make the wings crisper, use a flat brush to apply a small amount of concealer along the edge of the flick. 

Bottom Line: 

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