In the dynamic world of K-pop, the journey of a group is often defined by their discography. Red Velvet and Stray Kids, two prominent names in the industry, have delighted fans worldwide with their music. If you're an avid listener or just getting started, it's essential to understand their albums to appreciate their evolution as artists. In this article, we'll guide you through the chronological order of Red Velvet Albums In Order, helping you explore their musical transformations. 

Red Velvet's Albums in Order: 

  1. "Ice Cream Cake" (2015):

Red Velvet's debut mini album introduced the world to their unique blend of pop and R&B. Songs like "Automatic" and "Ice Cream Cake" showcased their versatility and set the stage for what was to come. 

  1. "The Red" (2015):

This full-length album marked a turning point for the group. Tracks like "Dumb Dumb" and "Red Flavor" revealed their playful side, solidifying their status as K-pop's rising stars. 

  1. "Russian Roulette" (2016):

With "Russian Roulette," Red Velvet continued to experiment with their sound. The title track's catchy melody and colorful music video left a lasting impression on fans. 

  1. "Rookie" (2017):

In 2017, Red Velvet dropped "Rookie," embracing a fresh and vibrant concept. The album's eponymous title track quickly became a fan favorite. 

  1. "The Red Summer" (2017):

As summer approached, Red Velvet released an EP filled with upbeat tracks like "Red Flavour" and "You Better Know," perfect for the season. 

  1. "Perfect Velvet" (2017):

Perfect Velvet" showcased Red Velvet's mature side, with songs like "Peek-A-Boo" and "Bad Boy" highlighting their growth as artists. 

  1. "The Perfect Red Velvet" (2018):

A repackaged version of "Perfect Velvet," this release featured the iconic song "Bad Boy," which further solidified Red Velvet's reputation as queens of the K-pop scene. 

  1. "Summer Magic" (2018):

Red Velvet returned with another summer-themed EP, featuring the refreshing track "Power Up" and capturing the essence of the season. 

  1. "RBB (Really Bad Boy)" (2018):

"RBB" continued the group's trend of experimenting with their music, offering a mix of catchy tunes and powerful vocals. 

  1. "The ReVe Festival: Day 1" (2019):

This EP introduced the "ReVe Festival" series, featuring tracks like "Zimzalabim" and "Umpah Umpah," showcasing Red Velvet's ability to push artistic boundaries. 

  1. "The ReVe Festival: Day 2" (2019):

The second part of the "ReVe Festival" series included tracks like "Psycho," which received widespread acclaim for its mature and sultry vibe. 

Stray Kids' Albums in Order: 

  1. "Mixtape" (2018):

Stray Kids debuted with "Mixtape," featuring pre-debut tracks that showcased their raw talent and determination. 

  1. "I Am NOT" (2018):

"I Am NOT" marked their official debut with the title track "District 9," showcasing their powerful rap and energetic performance style. 

  1. "I Am WHO" (2018):

This album further solidified Stray Kids' identity, with tracks like "My Pace" and "Voices" addressing themes of self-discovery and identity. 

  1. "I Am YOU" (2018):

"I Am YOU" continued the group's exploration of self with songs like the introspective title track "I Am YOU." 

  1. "Cle 1: Miroh" (2019):

With "Cle 1: Miroh," Stray Kids delved into a dystopian concept, offering a darker and edgier sound in tracks like "Miroh" and "Victory Song." 

  1. "Cle 2: Yellow Wood" (2019):

This album expanded upon the "Cle" storyline, and the title track "Side Effects" pushed the boundaries of Stray Kids' music with its unique sound. 


As you embark on your journey through the world of Red Velvet and Stray Kids, keep in mind that their discographies are not just a collection of songs but a reflection of their growth and creativity. Whether you're a dedicated fan or a newcomer, exploring their albums in order will provide you with a deeper appreciation of their musical evolution. So, grab your headphones, start listening, and immerse yourself in the enchanting worlds created by these two extraordinary K-pop groups. 

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