Arthritis pain is acute and chronic and can disrupt every aspect of life. It can interrupt your work performance and day-to-day chores, and getting a quality rest and even your personal relationships. If you have failed to get your chronic arthritis pain under control even after treatment and healthy habits, you have to consider visiting a pain rehabilitation clinic.


Pain clinic


A pain clinic is a place where persons with chronic pain, inflammatory types of arthritis, knee tendonitis, and fibromyalgia can receive best treatment and relief. Pain clinics are divided into two;

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Interdisciplinary clinics – These are one-stop solutions where experienced professionals work together to help patients by using different evidence based approaches. Best programs are being used at interdisciplinary clinics that include physical and occupational therapists, dieticians, psychologists, and other healthcare providers.


Block clinics – These clinics make use of techniques such as nerve blocks and injections. These methods are often carried out by anesthesiologists for particular issues such as neck pain or low back pain. When you search in Google for ‘back pain specialist near me’, you will come up with a list of doctors offering block chain services near your area.


Things to expect from a pain clinic


Pain clinics do not ensure a quick fix and a complete removal of pain. Instead, pain clinics work to restore function and enhance quality of life by teaching emotional, physical and mental coping abilities to manage pain. Patients generally attend all sessions or most of the day for certain weeks as an outpatient. Other approaches may last for a long time but perform on a part-time basis.


A normal day at a pain clinic includes;


  • An hour of physical therapy focused on increasing movement
  • An hour of occupational therapy focused on increasing the quality to do daily chores
  • Certain hours of pain education classes that provide information on how chronic pain works.
  • An hour of relaxation and mind or body therapy

Other techniques


When you search in Google for ‘what kind of doctor for knee pain should be chosen’, you will get a list of aspects to consider when choosing a doctor to deal with tendinitis in knee. Doctors at pain clinics offer techniques to manage pain that include breath training, guided imagery and relaxation techniques. Some clinics also offer cognitive behavioral therapy that deal with problem-solving skills and help patients break the cycle of pain, depression and stress by remolding their responses to pain.


Look for ‘back specialist near meand you will come to know the services they offer. If you are suffering from tendonitis in knee, an experienced specialist will provide support and validation. They will also educate your family members about pain and the reliable ways to support you.  There are a large number of specialists working at reputed pain clinics and you can get their information when you search in Google for ‘back pain doctors near me or Back Specialist Near Me’. Choose the best doctor to get relevant results.


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