Faster end-to-end– Loan-origination-to-pay-out cycle reduction to 14-21 days, 24/7 digital, instant & secure access.


Highly Efficient – Reduced re-verifications of stacking packages across investors, offering significant cost savings to participants, reduced touch points on a loan file and without any process gaps or data integrity issues.


Better Everywhere– All participants on the blockchain platform with in-app alerts, Quick access of documents based on ownership and access rights & largely removed to-and-fro mailing. Realtime servicer records to accurately determine pool characteristics of a securitized loan pool.



Near real-time loan records across the loan lifecycle with permissioned access to the ecosystem participants. Borrowers update the payment status which are validated by services.




Collaboration incentives to borrowers & relevant participants.





Convert loan pools into Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) & downstream CLO derivatives. Due-diligence, rating agencies & investment bankers collaborate & directly access the on-chain assets.

Easy pool selection, downstream pool due diligence and securitization. Embedded tracking, rating, quality & loan composition resulting in superior loan pool prediction.


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